The Most Popular Bar Sinks

There is endless variety when it comes to bar sinks. From a beautiful copper vessel to a classy looking stainless steel undermount bar sink, there is one that is perfect for your home bar. Don’t be confused by the sheer number of choices. You planned your bar with a certain style in mind, so consider those thoughts as you approach the decision of which bar sink is best.

There are 3 basic types of sink when it comes to how the sink is attached to the bar. Those types are undermount, drop in, and vessel. Once you have decided which of those types of sinks will work best for you, it will become easier to make your final selection. An undermount sink is just what the name suggests; a sink that mounts from underneath the counter top. This gives a very clean and classy look and feel to the area, and on top of that this is perhaps the easiest sink type to keep clean. When the flange of the sink is beneath the counter, it is easy to wipe debris into the sink without it getting stuck in the seam between the sink and the counter.

A top mount sink is also just as it sounds; a sink that mounts from the top side of the counter. These are generally the least expensive style of sink, but the final cost will largely depend on the material the sink is made from. As stated earlier, a top mount sink has a flange that rests on top of the counter. This creates a seam between the counter and sink that can be a bit difficult to keep clean and free from debris. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of a top mount, or drop in bar sink.

The 3rd sink type is a vessel sink. These make for some of the most beautiful sinks you will ever see. If you are leaning on going with a material like copper or glass, a vessel sink would be perfect for you. A vessel sits above or only partially recessed into the counter top. This means both the inside and outside of the bowl are on display. A sink like this tends to be a real center of conversation

As you look for the perfect bar sink, remember that it is just a sink like any other, except perhaps a bit smaller. this means that simply because a given sink does or does not have the word “bar” on it does not mean it is right or wrong for your situation.

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