The Options for Front of Home Lighting

Lighting the front of your home not only makes it look better it can also increase the security of your home. Lighting whether it is interior or exterior is best done with multiple sources of light and you may think that your options for lighting the outside of your home are limited. Think again, there are hundreds of different types of lights available for lighting the outside of your home but perhaps the most popular are security lights, driveway lights, porch lights, wall lights and post lights. Each has its advantages and disadvantages let’s take a look at the options:

Security Lights

Security lights are a very practical way to light the front of your home. They are certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing method though as when they are on it is similar to being at a high security prison, however they certainly will deter any would be thieves from the front or rear of your home. Security lights are also quite efficient in terms of the energy they use as they only turn on when they are needed.

Driveway Lights

Driveway lights are generally thought of as lights that are set in to the ground and direct light upwards. They provide a very nice subtle ambient light and are very useful for highlighting steps, edges and other landscaping boundaries. Some of the best types of lights are solar powered as they are easy to install (as they require no cables) and produce enough light to be useful.

Porch Lights

Lights that are mounted by the door are usually referred to as porch lights. This type of light provides a very important function in terms of increasing your personal security and deterring any would be thieves. Similar to security lights you can get motion activated lights which come on when they detect movement and heat. These motion activated lights are a great way to save energy as they are only on when you need them. Most of these types of light will have an override facility so that you can turn the light on and of whenever you want.

Wall Lights

Similar to porch lights, wall lights can be used more flexibly and come in a variety of formats. The best types are perhaps brick lights that can be built in to the wall at the time of building it. The do prove to be quite difficult to fit neatly after the wall has been built. Low level lights can provide sufficient illumination for walkways whereas lights that are mounted higher up can provide good area illumination.

Post Lights

Post lights are great for out the front of the home where they are out of the way of children and dogs. Post lights put the source of the lighting at an ideal height for general ambient illumination and more practical illumination for lighting up walkways.

You can successfully use all of these types of light within one lighting scheme, and they will produce a fantastic looking lighting scheme that enhances your property and makes it more secure at the same time.

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