The Perfect Home Karaoke Machine for Your Entertainment Room

Your home entertainment room is the place where you go to get away from the stress of life and to enjoy time with your family. Some people put a lot of effort and money into making sure their entertainment rooms are outfitted with the best technology possible. One of the biggest problems people run into is how to expand on their setup without breaking their bank account at the same time. And of course every piece of technology you bring into your home should actually serve a purpose, and it’s all the better if every member of the family can have fun using it. This is where a karaoke machine comes into play, and one of the best home systems on the market is the EnterTech MagicSing System. Whether you have an entertainment room that is traditional and modest or one that is spaced age and filled with gadgets, the EnterTech MagicSing System will make a nice addition that is sure to get a lot of use.

This is truly a home karaoke machine that is designed for the family and you’ll appreciate its compact design. In fact, it breaks free from the traditional bulky karaoke machine design and offers you a product that comes tightly packaged in a small base and accompanying microphone. All the controls you’ll need are located on the microphone itself, and that includes access to over 2000 songs already available on the system. That means you don’t have to fuss around with CDs or DVDs, and this comes in handy whether you’re singing duets with your significant other or having a big party with friends and family. The songs included with the machine are relatively up-to-date, although there are a few duds that you will probably never access.

You’ll appreciate the cost of this item, and it usually runs at around $150. If you want to update the song collection then all you have to do is buy further song chips loaded with hundreds of your favorite tunes. There is also an upgrade version of this model that comes with a second karaoke microphone, and this is for true singing fans who love throwing parties in their home. Overall, this will add to the décor of any home, and it will give you another reason to spend even more time in your entertainment room.

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