The Plasma TV Stand Craze

Plasma televisions are invading a vast majority of homes in the United States these days. Stores like WalMart, Best Buy, and Radio Shack are marketing these TVs quite aggressively. One of the more interesting results of this new entertainment phenomenon is what it is doing to the décor of many living rooms and family rooms. Because of their size, many of these TVs are being hung upon the wall as a new twist for television viewing. However, for the more conservative crowd there are special TV stands for plasma TV available that change the demeanor of where to place this window on the world.

The designer’s imagination is the only drawback to just what types of custom cabinet can become plasma TV stands. For the most part a traditional furniture piece can do the job nicely. A low chest of drawers is a good place to begin for the design of a custom media piece of furniture. However, don’t forget, any style of furniture can be developed to handle even the largest of plasma TVs.

A good basis for the design uses the popular Nexus 21 TV Lift System. Wherever you want to place your plasma TV in the room, this lift system permits easy presentation of the plasma TV by a mere touch of a button.

Once you decide on what type of cabinet you want for your stand, the lift system is part of the design foundation. The Nexus unit makes for a neat hidden installation that raises the plasma TV up to a pre-selected viewing height. Even upon careful examination it appears that the plasma TV is resting upon the top of the cabinet. Once the viewer has finished watching his favorite show, a simple push of a button on the remote control signals for the plasma TV to slowly descend back into the cabinet completely out of sight. A few of the benefits of this type of custom mount are:
– Protection for the plasma TV from any other activity going on in the viewing room
– A distinctive decorating scheme that hides the plasma TV is utilized
– Security from would-be thieves that may never know of the presence of the high dollar entertainment device
– Takes away the focus that generally targets the television set when it is not being played

The manufacturer of the Nexus lift system provides a warranty of five years for the unit. The company thoroughly tests the unit to qualify it for a minimum of fifteen years of no maintenance operation. The price for many TV lift systems generally begins at $1,400 that can support 32-inch plasma TVs.

Custom cabinetmakers are quite capable of providing the discriminating interior decorator with the latest cutting-edge wood plasma TV stand. The real joy, though, is hiding something that everyone wants to see. Be unique and opt for a custom place to mount your new plasma television.

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