The Popular Sizes of Braun Coffee Makers

Even though Braun produces several sizes of coffee makers, the Braun 10 cup coffee maker is the most popular. This may be because it is the correct size for the majority of home coffee drinkers. It doesn’t take as long to make and it seems sufficient to take of those “just dropping by” guests. However, the Braun 4 cup coffee maker is very popular as well, mostly for the same reasons. It seems to be the right fit for two people that want to have a couple of cups in the morning, with a meal or just relaxing by the fireplace on a chilly night.

Braun also has several small or larger sizes in its range. The single serve coffeemaker is quite amazing as it has been compared to (and may be even better than) the super automatic espresso machines; whereby just one little button can deliver a really good tasting espresso. By being fully automated, you have the convenience of getting one cup at a time. It is nice to know that the water is not regulated, therefore the coffee drinker can use an espresso cup or a coffee mug of choice.

Another time-saver with the one cup machine is you can pop a coffee pod of already prepared blended coffee of choice, pour in the amount of water required and you have one cup ready for sipping. No mess, no fuss, just a great cup of coffee. How convenient is that? Another new product recently introduced by Braun for the single cup of coffee is the Aroma Deluxe. This produces a real fast cup of coffee for the mornings when you oversleep and are in a rush but still want that fresh cup of coffee.

However, the Braun 10 cup Coffee maker remains to the most popular for the majority of people as it is the one purchased the most.

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