The Pros and Cons of a Mini Microwave Oven

The most common indicator that we are making advancements in human technology is the fact that things are consistently getting smaller and smaller. And of course, as things get smaller, they become much more portable and convenient to carry around. This has been the case with many inventions, such as the telephone, television, music player and computer. But why should it be limited to the consumer electronics sector? The innovation of shrinking things for portability and convenience will be just as useful for kitchen appliances. Can you imagine what you would be able to do with a mini microwave oven? Small microwave ovens will have several advantages over traditional microwave ovens, along with a few disadvantages.

Microwave ovens have traditionally been big and bulky, though that has never stopped them in gaining popularity. But up until the advent of mini microwave ovens, their usage has been limited to occurring inside of a kitchen, usually on top of a counter. A smaller footprint would allow their use in smaller spaces where traditional models, like a GE microwave oven, have never been able to fit before. Being smaller, they will be much easier to carry around as well, so they would be great companions for those long road trips or even when living in a dorm while attending college.

Small microwave ovens, of course, have a few drawbacks. For one, most of them will never be able to fit as much microwaveable food in them as their larger counterparts, since they are not built to hold more than 0.5 cubic feet by design. At the same time, their smaller size also means they have a smaller power output, so it might take longer than usual to heat up or defrost stuff with them.

Currently, there are only a handful of mini microwave ovens available in the market. Microwave oven makers are no doubt trying to find the best balance between traditional microwave ovens and small microwave ovens. In addition, being one of the top names in the business, Panasonic is most likely going to be at the forefront of this new kitchen innovation.

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