The Rustic Garden Winter Escape

One fantastic way to cure the winter blues and blahs is to think about your designing a rustic garden. If you’ve got an existing garden, then think about converting it – finding a home for classic garden urns and antique garden statues.

And if you’ve never had a garden of any kind, well, then that’s even better. You can make this one your first.

Rustic gardens offer a special kind of retreat and relaxation. They hearken back to days of old and they give gardeners a chance to experience a sense of timelessness that traditional gardens – as lovely as they are – simply cannot match.

Start your rustic garden with some old fencing. You can often find it via online retailers and second hand shops. Remember, you aren’t looking for anything perfect. In fact, quite the opposite. You are looking for something a little worn and a little weathered.

Worn and weathered – showing its age – is really the hallmark of any rustic garden. It doesn’t really match. It’s allure comes from the way so many disparate elements fit together and create a sort of crazy quilt effect.

For example, you can create a walkway out of old bricks and flat stones. Some rustic gardeners even go out of their way to create moss either by planting seeds for it or simply ensuring enough moisture to create that green look and feel.

Rustic gardens are old – and because you can mix and match with ease, they take some of the stress out of the process. No longer do you have to make your garden perfect. In fact, you are planning an imperfect garden! That’s its charm. That’s the reason for its existence.

And best of all? While you’re thinking it over and planning it out, you aren’t going to be thinking about the winter at all!

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