The Sewage Pump: A Symbol of Modern Plumbing

Sewage pumps are in essence the continuation of a toilet flush, but can exist on a much grander scale. Their job is not a pleasant one and involves removal of waste and sewage from its existing location to a designated processing plant or another location where it can be properly stored or released. They are a real marvel of modern plumbing in that they counteract the force of gravity to move waste products in ways that were never before possible.

Several types of pumps are available, some actually have a grinder built in to the pump, which grinds up larger waste debris it into a more manageable size that will flow through the various piping sizes. Some pumps are made to be submersed in the sewage itself, while others are made to be an integral part of a more controlled and organized piping system.

The management and movement of sewage while not the most pleasant aspect of daily life, is an important part of maintaining the civilized nature of our society. Sewage can have many harmful attributes, and keeping it contained and processed efficiently, prevents disease outbreaks, noxious odors, and numerous other health hazards.
Sewage pumps are available for several types of applications including residential, commercial, and industrial.

Manufacturers design these pumps for many different specific uses, and durations. Some pumps are made for continuous duty, which by definition means the pump will run for in intervals of sixty minutes or more in a days time. There are numerous standardized sizes to cover the gamut of sewage pumping requirements.

There are several factors to be considered when planning to purchase a sewage pump. Such as Inlet and outlet piping sizes, motor horse power, continuous or intermittent duty rating, flow capacity in gallons per minute(gpm) and any warranty or guarantees, just to name a few. When dealing with the needs of a sewage pumping system it is wise to seek the services of a professionally licensed plumber, with references whenever possible.

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