The Top Two Advantages To A Walk In Shower

Of all the reasons that people install walk in showers, there are two that should easily come to mind. First, they are absolutely beautiful. Who wouldn’t want their elegance and class? Second, the very design – walking in instead of stepping over – is inherently safer than a tub with shower.

Any walk in shower is beautiful. But there are a two aspects of their design that stand out more than others. First is the choice of shape. Do you want a more classic square or rectangle? You also have curved options, like D shapes and S shapes – perhaps even round. You may think at first that you don’t have room for a walk in shower, but perhaps you do if you go for a non traditional shape.

Second is the choice of frames or brackets. Gold and chrome frames can complement other fixtures in the bathroom. When faucets, shower heads, and the shower frame all fit together, they can look great against white or cream walls. On the other hand, if you choose white it can blend in with the surrounding tile. Finally, there are also frame-less designs that make the shower seem to disappear – a great way to make the bathroom look bigger.

As mentioned above, the design is inherently safer than a tub. It’s easier to enter which means less falls. The floors of walk in showers are usually textured, unlike the bottom of a bathtub – also helping to prevent slipping. There’s a few other safety aspects as well. Shower doors mean no curtain folds to grow mildew. Also, a shower with floor to ceiling glass can be easier to clean than a tiled tub.

If you list your reasons for building a walk in shower, they probably include beauty and safety. If they didn’t before, hopefully they do now. There are few other places where something beautiful is also very practical. Pretty *and* safe – a great combo for your bathroom.

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