The Various Objects Used for Outdoor Garden Decor


If you happen to own your own home and have a backyard area you can do landscaping in, you might want to use some pieces of outdoor garden décor in the area. There are many items created today to be used for outdoor decorating. Some decorative items can also be functional in use such as the various styles of candle lanterns available. You will also find unusual styles for the citronella candle such as the product which resembles a large golf ball resting on a tee. There are some beautiful torch items such as the black rock torches which can be set on a patio or concrete step area.

There is also a large array of statues which can be placed in the yard. Most people are familiar with the garden gnome and the pink flamingo, but there are also many animal characters in statue form. You will see some that are water fowl characters such as ducks, geese or swans. These can be made to look very lifelike and natural in appearance. When placed on a lawn area they look as though they actually are real animals. Some statues are created to have a stone appearance to them even though they are actually created of a durable pvc plastic. These will also come in animal styles such as the puppy or the elephant. Additionally, you can find humor in many of these statues as well, with the characters purposely appearing cartoon-like for those that appreciate funny garden decorations.

You may find various types of garden stones you can use as décor also. These might be large squares or circles and have items inlaid inside of them such as butterfly images. These large stones can be set around a particular garden area or used to create a path. Also available, are some very inexpensive items you can add to your yard to bring some enjoyment to it such as the colorful windmills or windsocks. With the huge variety of items available today, you will easily find something that matches your garden decorating style and your yard.

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