The Wonderous Wonder Washer

The wonder washer is an interesting little gadget that allows you to get all your laundry cleaned well before dirt has time to settle in and become a stain. The machine economizes on space and is highly portable but the laundry gets done in no time, a major advantage especially for those that have children and toddlers around. The size however means that the amount of laundry that can be done at a time is quite small though as long as it is clean then the number of times the machine is being loaded should not matter.

This aside, the wonder washer has many advantages for such a petite machine. It has the standard and delicate wash cycles for baby’s clothes and inner wear, and the wash and rinse cycles are 15 minutes each giving you some breathing space between loads. It also saves on money although the clothes must be rung manually before they can be either sun or machine dried.

For those that are using cloth diapers this is an excellent alternative as well although you must remember to put in fabric softener so the clothes do not become too crisp. All you have to do is to load it up and plug it in and let it do the rest of the work. It is truly a great buy for all those that are out to economize while getting clean and fresh laundry. It is also a good alternative as opposed to the regular coin machines that may be quite costly especially for huge loads. It also comes in handy for all those that may not have enough space in their homes to have regular, full-sized washing machines. All in all, the wonder washer is a great addition to anyone’s home with regards to function, form and size.

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