Things to consider when building your own vanity

When we remodeled our master bathroom we chose to hire someone to complete the tile work, but decided to do our own sink vanity ourselves. We made a master sink vanity out of a piece of furniture! I searched high and low at various antique shops and garage type sales for just the right piece of furniture. I am fairly tall and we wanted a vanity that would be slightly higher than the average height vanity.

You want to look for a piece of furniture that is tall enough and wide enough to hold the two sinks you will placing on it. I found an old, wood dresser with a beautiful, dark stain finish with only minor blemishes on the top surface. Blemishes on the top of the piece are ok because this is the part that will be ripped out anyway to install the sinks.

You’ll also need to consider what type of waterproof surface you want to use for the surface of your vanity. I decided to go with a tiled surface and I used the same tile used in my shower and bathtub surround to provide a cohesive theme. Make sure the surface you choose goes well with the type of vessel sink you will install. A clear glass vessel sink goes well with almost any type of sink

So the basic idea of creating your own vanity goes something like this:

  1. To begin, remove all dresser drawers and decide on sink placement on the top of the dresser.
  2. Place the sink top down on the dresser and trace it with a marker to identify where to cut with your jigsaw.
  3. Use the jigsaw to cut out the circle traced on your wood surface.
  4. You’ll also need to use the jigsaw to cut away an area on the back of the dresser to install the water lines.
  5. The plumbing pipes needed to get water flowing to your vessel sink can be purchased , often in a ready made sink plumbing package, at your local hardware or home improvement store.
  6. After installing the plumbing you may have to cut the drawers to make them fit around the plumbing.
  7. Or, you can complete remove the drawers and instead just secure the drawer front to the front of the vanity as a facade.
  8. Once the plumbing is installed, set the sinks in place and install faucets and connect the water lines.

You will need to use an adhesive when setting the sinks in place and of course, if there are any problems with water lines you may want to consult a plumber.

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