Think Security First When Lighting Up Your Yard

Landscape lighting options are varied depending upon what you are going to use them for. The many different types of outdoor lighting can be assembled to construct a complete outdoor lighting design that would make you feel proud to display. And while a completed lightscape will naturally cost you more money, if you plan it correctly you can install the lights in stages and still make your landscape look at every stage of the process. But we want to talk about the first phase of your lighting design – and that is your security.

First Things First – Security

While you may want to get your accent lights in place so your garden and landscape can look beautiful, you should focus on getting your security lighting in place in the first phase. This is because you will need this lighting anyway and the sooner you improve the security of your home, the easier you can breathe and the more safe your family will feel.

Outdoor flood lights will be a natural choice to install at this point. These lights will supply light over a wide area and can be employed in an economical way so as to provide your entire landscape with illumination.

Outdoor pole lights can be employed to provide areas of darkness with light. You can use these at the corners of your property and point them to cover a wide area (much like flood lights).

You should place bright wall lights at doorways and openings and gates in fences. Lighting up walkways and paths can also provide some security in case you have to run in the middle of the night after a dog that has escaped through the back door.

Security is a very important matter and employing landscape lighting on your property is the first line of defense in protecting your family and your personal property.

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