Thinking of Converting to a Gas Fire Pit?

If you have a traditional outdoor fire pit, you probably enjoy all of the positive aspects of having an outdoor fire – things like the warmth it brings on a cool night and how nice it is to toast marshmallows around it. If you are anything like me, you appreciate those things but find it a drag to have to get everything ready before you can enjoy your fire. If you convert to a gas fire pit you can easily have spur of the moment fires. A gas fire pit looks exactly like any other fire pit, only it has a burner instead of solid fuel to provide the flames.

Gas or propane?

There are two choices for fuel – gas fire pits or propane fire pits. Propane is usually cheaper and more readily available than natural gas by a factor of ten times. Propane is heavier than natural gas, so the burner arrangement is a little different and the burner needs to be an enclosed burner tray. The size of the burner you need will depend upon the size of your fire pit. A small fire pit may be able to get away with a 12″ single ring burner, whereas a larger pit may go up to a 48″ 4 ring burner. The rings help to spread the flames out for a more natural look to the fire.

Fire Pit Filler

This is the non-combustible material you use to surround the burner and will be what you and everyone else will see. The effect that the flames have around the filler will determine the effectiveness of the fireplace. There are many forms of filler such as lava rock, stones, ceramic stone and log effects, but I think that fire pit glass is one of the most effective fillers. The glass is specially tempered and comes in an enormous array of colors and several sizes. You can create your own personal display of glass in your outdoor fire pit and astound your friends with the effects as the flames play on the gleaming glass.

A gas fire pit makes it easy to enjoy a fire in your backyard with no preparation and no cleaning up afterward. Check one out today.

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