Three Easy and Beautiful Flowers to Grow From Cuttings

For many gardeners the winter can get a little long with no flowers to plant and take care of. But if you want to some easy to grow flowers this winter, here are a few to consider growing from cuttings. But first, here are a few items that you will want to have on hand for your propagation: peat moss, perlite, a good pair of sterilized shears and a few containers to start your plantings in. Your planting mix should be 60% peat, 40% perlite. Here are 3 easy and cheap flowers to grow this winter from cuttings:
1. Geraniums
Growing Geraniums from cuttings is very easy. The key is to select a good mother plant to cut from, whether it is out of the garden or a nursery bought plant. Watch out for yellowing of the leaves; this is a sign of over watering. (Geraniums can tolerate letting the soil drying out between waterings)
• Select containers that are 3-4″ deep and fill with the planting mix. Cut off shoots from the mother plant that are 4″ long, remove the leaves and then place in the potting mix about 1 ½” deep. It’s recommended that you use a rooting hormone to help develop roots more quickly.
• Firm the potting mix around the cutting and the place a plastic bag over the top of the cuttings to help seal in moisture. You can punch small holes with an ice pick to provide enough air flow to keep the plants from wilting and heat build up.
• Give your cuttings 6-8 weeks to establish themselves. Once you begin to see some top growth you can fertilize.
• Gradually move the new Geraniums in to more light to harden them off.
begonia pic2. Wax Leaf Begonias
Wax Leaf Begonias are also an easy annual flower to grow indoors. The trick here is to get good leaves and keeping the soil moist.
• Select containers 3″-4″ deep and fill with planting mix.
• Cut leaves have 1″-2″ of stem attached and remove the lower part of the leaves.
• Place cuttings in mix with leaf or leaves above soil level to prevent leaf rotting.
• Use a root hormone or root stimulator to aid in root development.
• Keep the potting mix wet, almost to the point of slushy.
• Once roots have developed begin cutting back the watering amounts to encourage hardiness.
Begonias need filtered light so be careful not to expose them to too much light too quickly. Transplant in the spring after last frost if you are planning to move them outside.
african violet3. African Violets
Growing African Violets from cuttings is very simple as well. Here is how to do it:
• Select containers 3″-4″ deep and fill with planting mix.
• Take a cutting that is about 6″ long with a couple of leaves on it.
• Cut half of the bottom 2″ of the stem off vertically and dip in root hormone.
• Place in the planting mix about 2 ½” deep and firm up the planting mix around it.
You can save a lot of money by growing your own cheap flowers from cuttings. Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way!

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