Three Quick Ways to Make Your Home Safer

If I told you that in less than an hour you could make your home much safer, would you do it? Of course you would! You don’t even have to spend an arm and a leg to protect your family – these quick tips do require a few purchases, but you should be able to keep your costs under $50…and they could ultimately save your lives.

Install smoke detectors

Everyone knows that you should have a smoke detector in your home…but not everyone has enough of them. One smoke detector in a large three-story home isn’t going to cut it. If your alarm is in your bedroom upstairs and fire starts in the basement, it probably won’t go off until long after you can get out safely. Install smoke detectors on every floors of your home, and install separate ones where you need them most – your bedrooms.

While you’re at it, tour your home with the family and make sure that there are at least two escape routes from every room. If you have to rely on windows to escape, should the door be blocked, make sure there are step stools so that every member of the family can reach them.

Install deadbolts

Deadbolts on your doors can only be locked from the inside, but when you’re at home, you’ll have peace of mind that no unwanted people are going to come in – at least, not without a struggle, which you’ll be able to hear. If you can’t afford a security system, deadbolts are better than nothing.
Also, consider taking a weekend to attend a self-defense course as a family. If someone does break into your home while you’re there, you want to know how to handle the situation as best as you can. It’s less scary when you’re prepared with a few self-defense moves that you can use if you have to.

Install motion sensor lights

Lastly, invest in a few motion-sensitive lights for around your house, which will spring to life as soon as something moves in the dark. They’ll help prevent falls for you, as well as work to deter anyone who might be thinking about breaking into your home. You can put motion lights on a timer so they only come on after dark if you’re worried about saving electricity. Again, if you don’t have the means to invest in a security system, this is a less expensive alternative that is way better than nothing at all.

Keep in mind that as you install these safety items, you might be eligible for insurance discounts with your homeowners or renters insurance company. Call to ask for this policy price reduction and it will help offset the costs of the upgrades.

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