Tips For A No Dig Topsoil Bag Instant Garden

Once again this year, I waited until it was almost too late to start an herb garden. I’ve always wanted one, but between my regular square foot garden and other things like the Crappie spawn and Turkey season, I just didn’t get around to it. Then I remembered reading an article years ago in a magazine about using a method that I call an instant topsoil bag garden.

This method utilizes bags of topsoil that you just lay out on the ground. These bags are convenient and you can have them almost anywhere, even on an apartment balcony. Here’s what I did. I laid out a 4×8′ piece of black plastic. The purpose of this black plastic is two fold. First, it will keep out all of the weeds and grass so I don’t have to worry about those nasty things taking over my bags of topsoil. Second, it provides a nice clean place to lay out my bags of topsoil.

You don’t have to use black plastic – you can just throw your bags of topsoil any place. But, I prefer the black plastic.
topsoil bag instant gardenNext, I bought several bags of topsoil and even a few bags of potting soil. I laid these out on the black plastic, evenly spaced. I then cut out the tops of the topsoil bag and used a long gardening knife to punch holes through the bottom of the bag and the black plastic. This is so that water will drain.

Next, while at the garden center, I purchased a wide variety of herbs that were already started and a few seed packets. I then planted each of these potted herbs evenly spaced in the topsoil bags. Keep in mind that some herbs, just like vegetables, don’t get along too well side by side. Keep your sage and rosemary away from other herbs, for example. I used a separate topsoil bag for these two plants. If you want to know which herbs to keep away from the others, then just Google “herb companion planting” and you will find lots of charts that will tell you what you need to do when it comes to planting herbs in close proximity to one another.

That’s about it. Then I just watered my herbs as I would if they were in a regular flower bed or in another type of garden pot and watched them grow. No digging, no preparing beds, no purchasing of pots – just a few bags of topsoil and I was good to go. I love my “no dig topsoil bag instant garden” ’cause its just so easy! And I still reap the rewards of a season full of delicious fresh herbs, so I haven’t lost out on anything!

Go ahead and try this topsoil bag gardening trick. You can even use it for your vegetables or flowers, if you’d like. And with a trick like this, there’s almost no excuse not to plant a few fresh herbs or veges this coming growing season!

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