Tips for growing herbs

Herbs are used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. They are an important ingredient in every kitchen. Different herbs have different flavors and aroma. Each herb gives out a unique flavor and fragrance. Given the beneficial properties of herbs, many people prefer to grow herbs in their garden. It does not require a huge plot of land or too much of expenditure or effort to grow herbs. Even a small space at the backyard of the home can be used for growing herbs. You can grow different varieties of herbs in a tiny plot without spending too much money and time.

Even for beginners in gardening, who do not know much about the tools and techniques to get a unique and beautiful garden, growing herbs is not difficult. There are only a few tips that one needs to follow to have an attractive herb garden. Some of the best tips for growing herbs are as follows:

Prepare your soil bed before planting herbs

Whether you are growing herbs inside your home or outside, the most important thing that you need to pay attention to is soil. Do ensure that the soil is not too wet and it should provide proper drainage. Soil bed rich in nutrients will be good for healthy growth of herbs. While growing herbs in pots, do put a thick layer of gravel at the base of the container before adding your soil. Add some natural compost to the soil in order to provide proper nourishment to the herbs. Coarse sand can also be mixed with the compost to improve the soil. Adding some amount of lime is also good as it will keep the soil alkaline.

Choose the appropriate container

Use a pot that is 6 inches deep for ensuring that the roots of herbs get adequate space to grow. Do not use a single pot for planting different varieties of herbs. It is better to use separate containers for different herbs. Whatever container you choose, do check that the soil is spread out in different layers. You can place pebbles at the bottom of the pot for ensuring proper drainage. Sand mixed with gravel and organic manure will help in providing vital nutrients to the herbal plants. Do not fill up the container to the brim. Keep a space of one inch empty at the top of the pot for properly watering the plant.

Fertilizers and nutrients

Organic matter should be used to ensure proper growth of herbal plants. Organic fertilizers are effective for providing vital nutrients to the plant. It is not important to prepare high-quality fertilized soil as scientific evidence have shown that fertilized soil leads to the growth of herbs with more foliage and less flavor.

Sun and water requirements

If you are growing herbs, do ensure that the plant is not placed under a shade as herbs require direct sunlight. Be careful while watering the herbal plants as too much water can lead to rotting of the roots and can cause damage to the growth of the.

Before planting any herbs, know whether they are perennial or annual. Follow these tips and have your garden filled with useful herbs.

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