Tips for growing plants in a greenhouse

If you are a garden enthusiast with a love for creating greenery around you, the thought of having a greenhouse garden must have also crossed your mind. Greenhouse gardening allows a person to lay the seeds of their chosen plants early on in the season, extend the growing season and also gives a chance to grow plants that are not well suited for the climate. There are several benefits of greenhouse gardening. Although it is not difficult, one has to make a great deal of effort for maintaining it. Regular attention is needed to maintain a green house garden. Do follow some important tips to ensure that your plants thrive well in the greenhouse garden.

Ensure proper ventilation

The most important thing about greenhouse is to make sure that there is adequate ventilation for plants. It is crucial to control the climate inside the greenhouse properly so that it does not become excessively cold or warm. Extreme heat or too low temperature is not good for the growth of the plants. Regulate the temperature of the plants in order to get healthy plant produce. Ensure that there is proper air flow in the garden as lack of proper airflow can cause decay of some plants. Placing an exhaust fan towards the roof or opposite to the door can provide adequate air supply to the greenhouse garden. It is important to open vents of the roofs regularly to ensure proper growth of the plants.

Check the seeds

Get the seeds for the plants that you would like to grow. While buying the seeds, check that the seeds are fresh. Old seeds take much longer time to germinate, while new seeds may just take a few weeks to grow. Depending upon the plants that you need to buy, choose a container or a pot. A pot having holes at the bottom is a good choice as it will allow excess water to be drained out.

Taking soil from the nursery is better than taking from the garden. Before you lay the seeds, spread out the soil in a tray and then scatter the seeds in it. After planting the seeds, add a layer of soil which is moist. Cover the tray with a plastic bag and seal both the ends of the tray. After the seedlings emerge, place the plant in a spot that receives adequate sunlight. Greenhouse plants require maximum exposure to sun rays. Also do ensure that the area where you have kept the plant is airy. Lack of proper air flow can hamper the growth of the plants. After you notice the leaves emerging, add fertilizers and then transfer the plant to a pot.

Water the plants and use grow lights

It is important to water the plants at regular intervals. Spray the water and avoid splashing water as it will only enhance the growth of soil fungi. If you have set up your greenhouse in a place that does not receive adequate sunlight, use grow lights that can increase the growth of plants.

Follow these tips to grow different varieties of plants in a greenhouse.

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