Tips on Buying Exotic Flowers

Why is it that the more things are rare the more we yearn for them? Take for example a Ferrari; only 5,000 units are manufactured every year yet people go to great lengths to be one of its owners. Strangely enough, flowers are not an exception— or more specifically, exotic flowers. Their uncommon and delicate design requires exceptional handling and care. I’ve come up with three crucial steps that you should do before buying exotic flowers.

1.) If you’re really decided on buying such fragile plants you should first try to find out how long the flower can stay fresh even if cared for regularly. The life spans of the flowers should be carefully taken in to account especially if you’re planning to send flowers abroad. Some exotic flowers would last only for a week, some live longer. Anthuriums are known to stay fresh longer with a life span of 7-14 days.

2.) Proper care is crucial when you’re considering buying exotic flowers. The amount of sunlight they need varies per genus. Birds of Paradise and Heliconias require a good amount of sunlight while Anthuriums, on the other hand, don’t need direct sunlight. Flowers from the Amazon jungle are not used on too much sun but do demand more water because of the damp environment. Watering these plants depends on the region they come from. Tropical flowers like Amazon Lilies, demand more water that non-tropic ones like Butterfly Weeds. Fertilizers or floral preservatives are sometimes recommended for some flowers. Regular trimming of wilted flowers is also essential.

3.) Lastly, if you’re buying flowers online, you should carefully consider the capacity of the company when it comes to handling exotic flowers. Some offer money-back guarantees if the petals appear to be wilted when they reach their destination. Other websites provide tracking systems to keep your mind at ease, especially if you plan to send flowers to India from the USA.

Taking these simple but vital steps could be your key to a breathtaking reception or just adding the extra special touch to your home or garden.

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