Tips On Buying Lounge Chair Cushions

Regardless of the kind of lounge chairs you own, there is a huge selection of lounge chair cushions and out there for them! You may want to switch out a damaged cushion, update the colors, or you may have purchased chairs without patio cushions. But before you head out to buy new patio or lounge chair cushions, you should know a couple of things before you go out shopping. Here are some valuable tips that will save you money, time, and hassles. You will also be certain to get lounge chair cushions that really work for your home.

1. Use and location of the chair and the cushion.

Just like when choosing new bar stool covers, a lot of people choose a lounge chair cushion based on its pattern or its price. But it’s also important to consider how the chair, and the cushion, will be used. Is it going to sit in direct sunlight? If so, you will need a cushion that resists fading. If you will have it sitting next to a pool or outdoor spa, you will need to look for a cushion that’s protected against chlorine damage and is waterproof.

2. Who is using the chair and cushion?

If you plan on having the chair indoors, consider if it will be getting light or heavy use. Pets and children are hard on cushions, so you will need to get ones that are very tough and not difficult to wipe clean. If the chair is going to serve as your private retreat to relax after a hard day, you might consider splurging on some extra luxurious cushions. Direct sunlight through a window can fade fabric the same as if it was outdoors, so keep that in mind as well. By knowing what you’re going to need, you will prevent getting overwhelmed by the thousands of options.

3. Measure, measure, measure!

Another important thing to do is measure! Many consumers do not bother with this step, believing they can size up with their eye what’s available and determine if it’ll fit. However, things always appear smaller in stores than they really are once you bring them home. If you measure first, you will spare yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.

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