Tips on Buying Southwest Area Rug


Southwestern area rugs are a good idea for people who want their rooms to have a rustic and western feel. My friend has one mounted on the wall of the living room of his cabin. It adds color and life to the room without clashing with the overall theme of the house.

Here are some things that could give you an idea on how to get the best southwest area rug for your needs.

A Navajo area rug goes great in a room that has a southwestern theme. It will compliment the handmade decors that you have in the room. Even if you are not going for a straight Native American theme, they will still go well with rooms that are trying to have a more eclectic interior design. Because of their size, they can offset the modern decors in a room. But pulling this off this effect well might be tricky.

There are different kinds of designs for southwestern made area rugs. The simplest and, accordingly, the most inexpensive is the one with stripes of different colors. There are also ones with different shapes and patterns as their design. And then there is the pictorial Navajo rug. It has pictures of the mesa or desert landscape. The best area rugs with this kind of design use the color to give an illusion of depth and distance to the picture.

Going to the manufacturers usually means you get a cheaper price. But in cases when the item is mass produced, you can’t go to the factory and ask if they can sell you just one piece of the item. But for hand woven southwest area rugs, in some cases, the “factory” we are talking about here is one person who weaves in their living room. It would be easier for you to cut the middleman and go straight to the manufacturer to get a better price. Although be warned, do not expect to get a really cheap price. Quality Navajo area rugs are made by artists with great talent. It would be an insult to the artist to sell his work so cheaply.

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