Traditional Japanese Style Rolling Futon Mattress

Japanese kimono on futon bedOften times there is a misconception that simple means cheap or stripped down. This is definitely not the case and doesn’t need to be true with your home or bedroom design either. The futon mattress made popular from Japanese influences is just one example of this. Times come and go, as do fads. Interior design and trends in furniture, bedding, paint colors and layouts all change. This is the nature of home and interior design. However, some things are timeless. Take for example the traditions of the far East.

Japanese design has always shown simplicity of lines and elegance by way of using the harmony between design and function.

Throughout history, some cultures come by their way of style through necessity or lack of available resources. There are certainly times in all countries where this is true. However, Japanese design has made a large impact on many interior design concepts for decades here. After all, it has been around for thousands of years.

Japanese Futon Beds And Décor

There is a simple elegance that you see and feel when you enter a home that has a Japanese inspired design. You don’t necessarily have to want to have it for your own home, though you may once you enter one, but you must appreciate its understated elegance. Japanese design is not just about futon beds and rice paper doors. These are just elements that make up part of an overall continuation of an understated connection between indoor and outdoor space.

Having less in the way of objects and clutter makes your space feel more relaxing and welcoming. This is the case with the futon bed frame as well.

The more traditional style of Japanese bed frame is to have it low to the ground. These frames are often made of wood and are left in their natural wood finish. Frames made of cedar or local wood source are common.

The traditional way to have a bedroom arranged is to have the futon sitting on tatami mats. These mats were originally designed for nobility and the upper class. So, you see, even this feature of simplicity has been passed down.

Traditional Japanese Style Rolling Futon Mattress

There is nothing wrong with adapting the Japanese style to your home. You don’t have to be a purist or try to re-create a Japanese bedroom within your home, but you can use some of the elements to create a more peaceful living space:

  • Your Zen bedroom could simply be a futon mattress on top of a raised bed frame that you already own.
  • There are a variety of futon mattresses that are as comfortable as your current bed, you might be surprised.
  • You could also eliminate some of the clutter from your bed stands or shelves and choose to have a bed frame that incorporates some storage for you.

Many times, it is what you see that causes you to feel anxious or hurried. If your clutter is out of site, but not out of reach, you may notice you feel more rested and relaxed in your sleeping

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