Travertine Is A Great Choice Around A Pool

If you have a pool, or you are installing a pool, one of the biggest questions to have answered is what the material will be on the deck around the pool itself. A travertine pool deck is a very good choice for a variety of reasons. In reality, the majority of the pool experience is found relaxing by the water not actually in the water, so spending time on the choice of material for the surround is a very good thing to do.

Over the years all kinds of materials have been used for pool decks. Of course, the cheapest is going to be leaving the surface a bare concrete. This is definitely not a good choice for several reasons. First, if you have a pool you live in a warm climate, or at least it is warm some of the time, this means the sun is shining down and concrete gets very hot in the sun. It is no fun what so ever to walk around a pool with your shoes off if you are burning your feet. Also, untreated concrete is very slippery when wet which can easily cause a very nasty slip and fall accident.

A couple of years ago all the rage for pool surfaces was wood. This solved the “hot foot” problem but it causes several others after a few years. The wood tends to attract insects and thus you end up spraying dangerous chemicals every year that can leach into your pool. Also, wood which is outdoors takes a lot of maintenance and the point of a pool is to relax.

Another popular option has been fired bricks or tiles as the pool surround surface. These are more attractive than concrete but they really have the same downsides: slick to walk on and hot to the touch. Travertine pool tiles solve all these problems. They are a stone so they are long lasting. You can obtain them with a tumbled surface which means they are roughed up and won’t be slick to walk on. Travertine is a sedimentary stone so there are natural voids and holes in the surface which dissipate the suns heat.

No matter if you are building new or renovating, look at travertine deck tiles as the solution for your pool deck.

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