Travertine Pavers for Your Backyard Walkway

Travertine pavers are the perfect solution for a walkway that needs good footing (especially if it rains a lot where you live), while also offering the benefit of having an interesting pattern, color, and overall appearance. Of course, you can just lay out some of those boring, grey concrete pavers that look like leftovers from an office building project if you are only looking for a hard surface that has some traction. Concrete pavers are fairly cheap and they look cheap. If, on the other hand, you want something more than just a durable paver to walk on – want something that also adds interest to your walkway and therefore your exterior decor – then it is worthwhile to look into using travertine pavers.

Travertine is a sedimentary stone which is formed over millions of years by minerals being laid down at the bottom of hot spring pools. As the hot water travels through the earth, it leaches out the surrounding chemicals. Then this mineral laden water erupts through the earth’s surface and forms in pools. As the water evaporates, it leaves these minerals which build up over time into layers of many colors and patterns. At some point in the future, these pools are covered over by debris and earth. The resulting pressure on the sediment compacts it and forms stone. This stone is then quarried and cut into pavers and travertine tiles.

The travertine pavers come in a variety of natural earth tones, which makes matching them to your backyard décor very easy. One way of laying the pavers that looks really interesting is to lay the travertine pavers along the walkway at a distance which will match a short stride, and then to surround them with small crushed rock of a different color. This sets off the color and patterns found in the pavers very nicely. I have also seen a small rounded river rock used for this filler, which again adds a nice touch.

It is also nice, if you wind up using the travertine pavers to form a walkway in your backyard, to also add some travertine tiles in other locations nearby to compliment the walkway. You can use the tiles along the front of an outdoor stone fireplace or as a decorative element in an outdoor kitchen, for example. Since travertine has such a natural look and feel and comes in so many different color palettes, you can find a multitude of uses outdoors for this beautiful stone.

So, if you want something different than a poured concrete walkway, and something more decorative and attractive looking than plain concrete pavers, then using travertine pavers can add a pleasing look to any area. Travertine pavers are also very durable and do not require much care once they are laid down. It is worth looking into using this natural and versatile stone for your next outdoor project, whether it is for a walkway or another area that would benefit from the attractive stone pavers.

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