Trim Your Bills with Honeycomb Blinds

From your office windows to your patio doors, honeycomb shades are perhaps the ultimate solution when it comes to providing better insulation from the heat of summer to the chills of winter. This year-round, all-season protection means great savings on energy consumption—savings that go directly to your pocket, stretching your budget even further.

It doesn’t take some complicated science to explain the inner workings of these honeycomb shades. These are layers of pleated polyester fabrics that are integrated to form a single blind. The resulting structure is nothing short of amazing: honeycomb-like cells that are highly effective when it comes to heat insulation. These integrated layering of polyester fabric and trapped air simply accounts for the honeycomb shades’ popularity with their ability to insulate those windows at any time of the year.

Considering the technology these days, many of these honeycomb shades have evolved from the primarily functional window coverings to beautiful works of art that, when incorporated to your existing interior design, would simply cast that elegant atmosphere in the interiors of your home. With adjustable heights that can come in bottom-up, top-down, cordless, or motorized designs, these honeycomb blinds, with their translucent shades, also provide you the privacy you need.

To achieve better aesthetics, you can also choose different cell sizes or pleat sizes, ranging from a few centimeters to a few inches in width. In fact, some honeycomb shades also come in three or more layers of pleats that even provide much better insulation during the coldest days of winter.

When it come to shopping for these honeycomb shades, you can check and track discounts in some of the online stores that offer great bargains any time of the year. What’s more? They also offer you an interesting array of cheap curtains made from polyester or cotton fabrics that would also look fresh during the summer season. These choices are definitely worth your time and money.

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