Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas

Many people don’t consider all of the options available for tropical pool landscaping. There are a variety of plants that can survive outdoors with proper care, as well as outdoor decor and accessories with a tropical theme, that can find their place in most regions of the United States. These features can fit right in to pool landscaping design just about anywhere. When the word “tropical” comes to mind, you probably think of lush growth, waterfalls, colorful flowers and exotic animals. Well, with the exception of the animals, all of these assets can be incorporated into your pool landscape with relative ease, pretty much wherever you live. Large ponds, for example, can be accented with a water feature, such as a fountain, and several exotic water plants such as lilies, or you can add a palm tree or other tropical foliage alongside a meandering pathway.

Here are a few tropical pool landscaping ideas to consider:

Tropical Palms

The palm tree is one of the most enduring signs of tropical regions around today. A tropical vacation usually calls to mind images of sunbathing underneath an array of palm trees. Luckily, tropical palm trees are rather hardy, and can usually survive in temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, though this will vary depending on the species. Palm trees also grow to rather large sizes, so make sure you have plenty of room for the plant’s maximum size prior to planting.

One of the more popular pool landscape ideas is to spread tropical palm trees along the edge of the pool, since they shed few leaves and can shade the surrounding tile or concrete and prevent it from becoming too hot. They also have extremely easy care instructions, though once again this varies from plant to plant, so be sure to research each species before you make any purchases to ensure you pick the ideal plant for your situation.

Plants and Pathways

Creating interesting pathways is another great way to enjoy a tropical pool landscape design. A walk through a tropical garden can be a great way to dry off between swims while enjoying the beauty provided by exotic plants on either side. Stone or rock pathways are one way of landscaping with rocks that can really add interest to the surrounding garden decor. Their natural and carefree look are attractive and fit in well with a tropical landscape design. Bamboo can help establish a walkway and give it a more tropical feel, if you grow it on opposite sides of a path. You can also add colorful flowers and exotic plants along the way, to increase the beauty and add to the tropical nature of your landscaping. In fact, there are many different types of landscape supplies that can really lend a tropical feel to your design.

Plant Combinations

Some tropical plants look better together than others, and finding the right plant combinations can be just what you need to really set off the look of your pool landscape. For example, a needle palm tree has thin leaf sections, and would be well accented by a broad leaved plant, such as a bird-of-paradise, which also has attractive blooms. Philodendron, ferns and hosta are all good low-growing plants ideal at filling gaps. Ground covers are also effective at adding tropical appeal and preventing open spaces.

Outdoor Accessories

Even if you live in a climate that is not conducive to growing tropical plants or trees, you can still add a tropical feel to your pool landscape design with a few well placed accessories. Nothing says “tropical” like a tiki hut where you can enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. Add a couple of tropical themed garden statues throughout your landscaping, or create an interesting waterfall or pond. A solar fountain is an easy and less expensive way to add a water feature and can make you feel like you are on vacation with its soothing sounds.

There are numerous ways to give your pool landscaping design a more tropical feel. Whether you live in a climate conducive to planting a palm tree or two, or you simply accessorize with interesting landscaping rocks, a solar fountain, a garden statue or two with a tropical motif, or even a festive tiki hut set alongside the pool to enjoy a refreshing drink after a swim, you can create a tropical paradise right in your own backyard.

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