Tulip flower

Tulips make any garden look great, they are beautiful flower. In order to have a garden full of tulips you will need to make the effort to care for them properly. They are a hardy flower but they do require care on your part. Given that tulip bulbs are fairly expensive it is important that you know how to care for them before you start planting.

If you bought your tulip bulbs in a pot you need to plant them in the soil they came in, you can’t separate the bulb from the soil or you will kill the plant. Tulips need to be planted in a sunny area that has soil that is rich in nutrients and is well drained. The plants should be fertilized twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, do not fertilize your tulips after they have flowered. And as with most plants tulips need to be watered, they like a lot of water.

Tulips seem to attract more interest from animals then other plants. Rabbits, squirrels and other rodents like to eat both the tulip bulbs and green shoots so you will need to have a way to protect your plants. Chicken wire is a good way to do this as are things like cayenne pepper that will discourage rodents from eating the plant. However the biggest danger to tulips are insects, you are going to need to get an insecticide, preferably a natural one to protect your flowers, from these pests.

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