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With electronics becoming slimmer, more compact and more streamlined, so to are TV sideboard designs. Most popular designs today include Scandinavian style tv sideboards that feature clean lines and minimal embellishments. There are both high end designer models as well as more affordable IKEA (put it together yourself) styles.

Along with streamlining, the TV sideboard may also be created with many smart features that store, organize, conceal and display electronic components, gaming accessories, various media and decorative items as well.

Some TV sideboard options also include electric, push button opening panels and swivel and pull out television stands. Of course these styles tend to be at the top of the price range or even custom made designs.

The TV sideboard is often referred to as a TV console or media cabinet. No matter the label, the definition remains the same. It’s created to house and protect valuable electronics from dust and other dangers such as children’s sticky fingers and curiosity with buttons, slots and lights as well as pets and their fascination with chewing on wires. They’re also made to match most any décor from the super ultra contemporary home to the shabby chic one to the mid-century modern one.

When deciding on what type is best for your home, be sure to consider your components collection, gaming needs and media storage needs. If you prefer your brightly colored DVD and CD collections be kept out of sight to keep down the clutter, then choose models that feature cabinet doors or pull out drawers. These designs will give you instant access to your favorite movies, music and games while maintaining a sleek look. Also, if you prefer your television to be kept out of sight when not in use, choose a TV sideboard that

gives you the option of pulling or sliding open doors. Remember, it’s also important to keep in mind that if the doors swing out to open, there needs to be enough clearance so they don’t hit anything or need to stay half closed which can prevent the TV from being seen from some parts of the room.

To find the best TV sideboard for your décor preferences as well as your media storage needs, start your search online. That’s where you’ll find TV sideboards in every shape, size and textile from stainless steel to wood to lacquer and glass as well as many combinations of materials. Remember to take measurements and check them twice before ordering so you’ll be sure your space can accommodate the piece.

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