Types And Uses Of Shower Pumps

If you plan on installing an outdoor shower but find that your water pressure is low, one consideration may be to install a shower pump. Shower pumps work by increasing the pressure that is put out by your water system, and while most homeowners will choose to install a shower pump to increase the pressure of the water within their bathrooms, many others will also find that they are worthwhile for outdoor shower use as well.

There are many types of shower pumps available on the market, and which one you use will depend on your bathing or showering needs and what type of water supply you currently have. It will also depend on where you are using it. Sometimes referred to as a power shower pump, because the device supplies additional power to your shower and creates a constant stream of steady and powerful water flow, the type of shower pump you choose will make a difference in your water output and showering comfort.

Here are a few different types of shower pumps available:

Single impeller shower pump – Single impeller shower pumps are designed to be attached to just one water valve (which may work if you only are using cold water outside), or to be installed after the mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water before running through the pipes.

Double impeller shower pump – Double impeller shower pumps, on the other hand, can produce both hot and cold water since they can be attached to both water valve outputs and are more often used in whole house installations.

Negative head shower pump – Negative head shower pumps are used in locations where the water is not overhead and propelled by gravity. These types of pumps are intended to push the water along the pipes with more pressure, no matter where the water source is located.

Positive head shower pump – Positive head shower pumps work in locations where the source of the water is overhead, as in the case with older style plumbing arrangements. If you have an outdoor shower that receives its water supply from overhead, this style might work for you but is not as widely used as negative head pump models within a home.

Single shower pump – Many homeowners choose to install a shower booster pump that works to boost the water pressure throughout the whole house, but if the only problem you have with water pressure is in your outdoor shower, you may be better off using a single shower pump instead. This will just boost the water pressure in the one shower that you need and will not be as large or expensive as whole house power shower pumps.

Electric shower pump – Most models of shower pumps that are installed within the home are hooked up to an electrical source in order to operate. This is the standard mode of power for the pumps.

Battery powered shower pump – Another option that may work if you want to make an impromptu outdoor shower, either in your backyard or while you are on a camping trip, is to use battery operated shower pumps. These small devices work on battery power and are great for a shower on the go. You simply fill a bucket with water, immerse the shower pump in the water, and use an attached sprayer to take a shower. If you don’t want to go through the expense of installing an outdoor shower and only occasionally need to shower outdoors, this may be a very inexpensive and portable option, providing a pumped shower without the need for an outdoor shower or shower pump installation.

While most people will not choose to install a shower pump simply for outdoor use, there are models that are well-suited for that purpose. Whether your shower pump installation is a result of a weak stream of water in just one shower or many, however, adding one of the various models of power shower pumps available can provide a power boost to your shower and make you not only feel clean, but invigorated as well. For that reason alone, shower pumps are often worth the investment you make in them (although shower pump prices can vary considerably).

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