Types of Door Locks – Cylindrical, Mortise and Deadbolt.

Mortise Door LockIf you found your homes lock is bad breaking, and then is the time to change a new lock. Don’t dragging the effort for engaging the new one as it is for safety purposes.

Basically when you buying a new house, please make sure you change the locks immediately or get new locks that you think is appropriate.

There is no telling that how many people had attended to the previous owner’s keys, thus get new door locks is crucial. Somehow if you are renting a house, please assure to ask about the landlord’s key-control policies. If not, you need to request for permission of getting new locks.

Cylindrical Lock

Basically, the general types of residential entry new locks are inclusive of two types, which is tubular or cylindrical lock. Basically these locks are same for the purpose of installation or replacement. Consequently they are about the same which you can’t really recognized the difference between them.

Moreover these locks are fixed without actually removing the lock set from the door.

Nevertheless these two types of new locks are the functional pieces that guarantee in safeness. If compares to other new door locks like new master lock and New England locks, the cylindrical lock is a stronger and they also charged more compares to others.

Mortise Lock

Other than the above mentioned two new locks, many residences still using the traditional style of mortise locks. As far as concern, these locks are come with combination deadbolt and spring-type latch. Moreover the lock is installed into a mortise or deep rectangular groove at the edge of the front sight of the door. The main difference for mortise lock with other new lock is you need to spend more time to install them.

Thus they are also consisting expensive manufacturing costs. However they basically are recognized widely as one of the strongest and durable style of locks.

Somehow the lock is highly charged, thus these locks are only applicable for bigger home setting and they are not used frequently in modern homes and residential. Nonetheless, compares to other new locks, they are still demanded in use, which commonly used in high security business applications areas like factory areas and business park.


Since there are more demands on the requirements of new door locks for home, somehow the locks manufacturer and supplier is speeding their steps for developing the high tech and high-security-functional lock that is greatly protecting your house. However people still abide to classic style of door locks, with the new features applied.

In this case then we would like to bring another crucial lock that is still commonly used on exterior doors, which is the deadbolt.

Same as other new locks, the deadbolts is entirely utilizing a latch that is specifically designed to move deep into the door jamb by turning a key, lever and knob. Basically the deadbolt is principally used to back up the relatively low security of an entry lock, indeed as new door locks.

As for your kind information as the weak link in most lock sets is not the lock itself, but on other factor like the door, door jamb and strike plate which brings the latch sets into. That is also the main reason why many deadbolt manufacturers supply specially reinforced strike plates with long screws to secure it to the door frame.

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