Types Of Exterior House Shutters

Adding house shutters to the exterior of your home provides a visually appealing accent to your home and a decorative element to your outdoor space. Exterior house shutters come in a variety of different materials and are offered by many manufacturers. The type of house shutter you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as what the style and décor of your home is, what materials are used on the rest of the exterior of your home, and what your budget is, among other things.

One of the least expensive options for outdoor house shutters are vinyl house shutters. A vinyl shutter can come in just about any color and many are made to resemble wood grain. Vinyl house shutters can be custom ordered from a variety of manufacturers, or you can even find them in stock in major home improvement stores. A few drawbacks to vinyl house shutters are that they are not easily painted, can fade over time, and most of the lower end models look like vinyl, rather than wood (even those with a wood grain finish).

Wood house shutters are another option when looking for shutters for the house and add a richer feel than vinyl shutters do. Wooden house shutters can be painted or stained in just about any color and provide a more upscale look than vinyl shutters. They also come with a richer price tag as well. When deciding among shutters for a house, you can’t go wrong with wood shutters due to their decorative appeal and versatility of color options, as long as you can afford them.

No matter what type of exterior house shutter you select, installing house shutters is relatively easy to do. Shutters on a house go on as easily as a row of siding,piece of trim, or guttering. They need to be leveled and then securely nailed into place. Of course, the exterior material of the house may make it harder to install some house window shutters than others. For example, brick house shutters require a more difficult installation method, since a nail cannot just be easily hammered into the brick exterior. However, despite the added installation steps to install shutters on brick, a brick house with shutters offers the perfect mix of textures and charm.

In addition to house shutters that are simply decorative in nature, you can find outside house shutters that offer functionality as well. There are operable house shutters that can protect your home from extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and hurricanes. Examples of functional, operable house shutters include hurricane shutters and storm shutters. For house security, operable shutters offer a way to protect your home at its most vulnerable point – your windows.

Selecting exterior house shutters is as easy as determining what type of material you want for your shutters, choosing house shutter colors, and finding a manufacturer that offers the material and color choices you want at a price you like. House shutters will last you for many years and opting for a higher quality shutter is worth the added durability and fade resistance benefits.

There are a variety of house shutters to choose from that add decorative elements and functionality to your home. Since installing them is easy – all you need to do is find the type of house shutter that best meets your needs.

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