Types of flower bulbs

Flower bulbs are the most beautiful and easiest to grow amongst all varieties of flowers. Everybody likes to have a beautiful garden in front of his or her house. Flower bulbs can even be planted in pots on a small balcony or a doorway. Flower bulbs are easy to plant and maintain. There are flower buds for all seasons to keep the garden in full bloom throughout the year.

Flower bulbs are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. Ideally, flower bulbs must be chosen on the basis of bloom time, climate adaptation, and plant height. Flower bulbs are generally teardrop shaped. They have a pointed tip and a round bottom. Flower bulbs are generally divided into spring flower bulbs and summer flower bulbs. Spring flower bulbs such as tulips and daffodils announce the arrival of spring and revive the cold gardens. Beautiful summer flower bulbs such as dahlias and begonias bloom into a spectacular range of colors and make a garden look lively and vibrant.

Though spring flower bulbs require very cold winters, gardeners from mild winter areas can also successfully plant them. In mild winter areas, spring flower bulbs are planted in December or early January. Spring flower bulbs should be given a “cold treatment” to trick them into thinking they’ve gone through a cold winter underground. This can be done effectively in kitchen refrigerators. However, chilling is not necessary for successful growing of narcissi and daffodils in the warmer climates. A few more examples of popular spring flower bulbs include crocuses, hyacinths, and snowdrops.

Summer flowering bulbs are planted in spring and start blooming early in summer and continue to bloom till winter sets in. These flower bulbs are tender bulbs and do not bloom perennially in areas that are hit by frost in winter. Summer-flowering bulbs generally like warm temperatures and humid conditions. Some summer flower bulbs such as lilies and alliums are not tender but are winter hardy.

Bargain bulbs are sometimes smaller and may be of low quality. Generally, low-quality bulbs do not bloom well and may produce fewer flowers. If you don’t have an elaborate garden area, or the time for it, then it’s a smarter choice to pick hardy indoor flowers for your gardening passion. They grow slow, and don’t require too much of a time commitment from you. When buying flowering plants, you’ll find that the nursery has young plants that are yet to bud, and other plants that are already flowering, almost like a mini-shrub. If you buy a shoot, then the care regime involved is slightly more time consuming.

If you don’t know much about flowering plants, you can always enquire at the nursery. There are many pretty potted flowers that can simply be hung in your balcony. They are a visual delight offering an array of colors, but may be weak in the fragrance aspect. Certain flowers grow fewer buds so you’d have to wait weeks until the first bloom is visible. Considering there’s so much variety, it’s best to choose a potted flowering plant that best meets your need.

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