Types of Lighting For Outdoors For Ambiance And Security

Outdoor LightingHomes need lighting both inside and out. Outside lighting not only adds ambience and beauty to a home’s exterior decor, but it is an important feature for safety and security reasons as well.

Outside house lighting ensures that visitors can see their way along paths and up and down stairs, highlights interesting elements in garden decor such as a tree or flowerbed, and deters intruders because a well lit home is one in which would-be intruders are more visible.

When it comes to outside lighting, there is a large variety of outside lights to choose from. Outside light types include those that are anchored to doors, walls, and garages, as well as those that are tucked into landscaping and sit along patios, decks and pathways, and hang from porch awnings, among others.

There are so many types of outside lighting fixtures that the possibilities are as vast as if you were looking for lighting fixtures for inside your home.

In fact, due to the large number of outside lighting styles available, there are more types of outside lights to choose from than there are inside lights.

Here is a rundown of some of the more popular types of outside light options available to homeowners:

Outside wall lighting

Outside wall lights consist of lanterns and sconces that add light near doorways and entryways. They are often found on front or back porches, near decks and patios, and alongside garage doors. Flood lights are another type of outside wall light and they are useful for casting large amounts of light in areas that receive a good deal of traffic, such as driveways and walkways, or places that can benefit from added security.

Outside pole lighting

Outside pole lights consist of a light or set of lights that sit atop a pole which is anchored into the ground. An outside light post or outside light pole is typically found along a walkway, near the edge of a driveway, or in the front of a home to add ambience as well as much-needed light.

Outside deck lighting

Outside deck lights can take on many forms. You can install recessed outside deck lighting into steps, can add outside post lights or deck railing lights along the edges of the deck, and can build outside deck caps to add lighting on the top of the deck. Outside post lighting and deck caps provide ambient light surrounding your deck and add interest to your outdoor space when the sun goes down. Outside step lighting increases the safety of your deck by lighting the way up and down the stairs.

Outside patio lighting

Outside patio lights surround your patio space with light to add interest to the space and brighten it up so you can enjoy your patio even at night. Outside patio lights can take the form of outside brick lights that are built directly into your patio, solar powered outside lights that are placed in the ground around the patio, or even outside pole lights that accent the corner of a patio space.

Outside porch lighting

Since most porches are covered, adding outside lighting to the space gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy time spent on the porch after the sun goes down and also makes it safer to walk across the porch at night if it leads to an entryway into your home. Outside porch lights can include wall lights or sconces that are placed along the exterior wall of the home or near a doorway, or can include outside overhead lights that are installed in the porch cover or ceiling to shine light down from overhead. Overhead porch lights can be dome shaped lights, outdoor chandeliers, or even outdoor ceiling fans with light fixtures attached.

Outside landscape lighting

Outside landscape lights can add visual interest, depth and beauty to your outdoor landscape. Most outdoor landscape lights consist of low voltage outside lighting or solar outside lights that are strategically placed throughout the landscape design to highlight architectural features of a home, to accentuate an interesting tree or plant, or to light the way along a path or around a fountain, garden pond, or other landscape feature.

Outside garden lighting

Similar to outside landscape lighting, outside garden lighting consists of lights that are placed throughout the garden to add interest and beauty to your garden décor. Outside garden lights can be low voltage lights or solar powered outside lights that are placed throughout flowerbeds, under trees, and alongside other elements in a garden, such as a birdbath or stepping stone walkway.

Solar outside lighting

Solar outside lights are becoming increasingly popular as attention focuses on the importance of preserving natural resources. A solar powered outside light gets its energy naturally from the sun rather than relying on electricity to run. Solar outside light options include patio lights, deck lights, garden lights, landscape lights, and almost any type of outside lighting style. A small solar panel is either attached to the light fixture or sits nearby to collect solar energy by day in order to power the light once the sun goes down or in low light conditions.

Low voltage outside lighting

Low voltage outside lights have long been a popular option with homeowners due to the fact that they not only look good amongst the exterior décor of a home, but are relatively inexpensive and can be installed by do-it-yourselfers with ease. Low voltage outside light kits come with a set of lights and a low voltage power source and can be installed by homeowners because they do not run higher powered electricity through the wires and pose no threat of electric shock.

LED outside lighting

LED outside lights and LED light bulbs can be used in many applications. LED lights are more durable and rugged than traditional incandescent lights or florescent lights and are a great option for outside lighting. They are also a good source of directional lighting which makes them work well for outside walkways, steps, and throughout an exterior landscape. LED outside lighting also typically lasts longer than incandescent outside lighting and is more energy efficient.

Outside accent lighting

Outside accent lights can be placed just about anywhere outside of a home to highlight an interesting feature or create a dramatic effect. Outside accent lights can be solar powered, low voltage, or LED lights, can occur as a single light source or a series of lights, and can be placed just about anywhere that outside lighting is desired.

Outside flood lighting

Outside flood lights are a great way to add large amounts of light to a specific outside area for safety and security reasons. The most common place to install outside flood lighting is near a garage or driveway or in the backyard.

Outside garage lighting

Outside garage lights can include flood lights or wall lights to light up the area around the garage. Since garages are typically a main entrance for many homeowners into their homes, it is important that this area be well lit. Outside garage lights can be set on timers or motion detectors to only turn on at a certain time or when movement is detected in the area. Outside security lights are typically placed near garages to deter criminals from entering a home or car parked in the driveway.

Outside party lighting

Outside party lights can add a festive atmosphere to any party, or can even be used when the party is over. Outside string lights can be hung around a deck, from a patio umbrella, along an outside wall, or even along the bushes. Some outside party lights have novelty themes, such as those geared for a tropical luau or Mexican fiesta.

Christmas outside lighting

Christmas outside lights are those lights that make the holidays bright. They are typically string lights that can be hung from the house and around trees, bushes, and other outdoor structures. Outside Christmas lights can be solar powered, LED or incandescent and solar Christmas lights continue to gain in popularity. They can twinkle, are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and can light up the night during the holiday season. There are other types of holiday outside lighting available as well, if you wish to decorate for other holidays throughout the year such as Halloween or Easter.

When it comes to outside lighting, there are as many types of outside lights available as there are locations to place lights. From wall lights and sconces, to pole, deck, driveway lights, landscape lighting and more, outside lighting is a feature that not only adds beauty and ambience to your exterior home space, put provides safety and security as well.

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