Types of Outdoor Flood Lights

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to light up your home’s exterior, then outdoor flood lights are the perfect solution. Outdoor flood lighting can be used on driveways, backyards, front yards and walkways to add safety and security or even to add a bit of drama to your exterior home décor. You can find a variety of outdoor flood light fixture styles available, so depending on the location of where you need to install the lights and what type of light you are considering, you should be able to find the best outdoor flood lights to suit your particular needs.

Here is a run-down of different types of outdoor flood lights to choose from:

LED Outdoor Flood Lights – An LED outdoor flood light is one of the most popular styles of flood lights currently used by homeowners. This compact style of light provides high powered directed light from a small fixture and can be placed just about anywhere that you need to light up. Many homeowners place these lights near their garage doors to light up the driveway area. LED floods can be set to go on via a timer or you can simply flip a switch to manually turn them on. Many of the models are motion activated so they will turn on whenever any type of motion is detected in the area.

Halogen Outdoor Flood Lights – The main difference between a halogen outdoor flood light and other models rests in the type of light bulb used. Halogen bulbs can emit very bright light using lower wattage, and therefore less electricity, than some other types of outdoor flood light bulbs. Along with LEDlights, they are some of the most popular outdoor flood light styles.

Solar Outdoor Flood Lights – A solar outdoor flood light is similar in style and function to an LED or halogen model, but rather than being powered by an electric current, there is a solar panel that sits on top of the flood light that collects energy from the sun by day in order to power the light when the sun goes down. These lights can be set to automatically go on when it gets dark or you can set them to a timer to determine what time they should turn on.

Fluorescent Outdoor Flood Lights – The only difference between a fluorescent outdoor flood light and an LED flood light is the type of bulb that the light utilizes. These lights use fluorescent bulbs rather than LED bulbs.
outdoor flood lightLow Voltage Outdoor Flood Lights – A low voltage outdoor flood light is used on the ground to light up the front of the house, a tree, or another landscaping design element, like an outdoor spotlight. Like other low voltage light systems, the lights run on low voltage power, rather than high voltage power like traditional outdoor flood lights, so they are easily installed by homeowners. These lights are typically used more for design purposes than as high powered security lights.

Portable Outdoor Flood Lights – A portable outdoor flood light is usually battery operated or solar powered so that it can be easily moved around wherever light is needed. These lights are self contained and can be manually turned on and off to provide additional outdoor light in just about any location. Some portable flood lights contain AC adapters so that you have the option of plugging them into an outlet, if needed.

The type of outdoor flood lighting you select will depend in part on where you plan to locate the lights and how much light you need. For example, low voltage lights are great to enhance your landscape design, but for brightly lit areas, you will more likely select LED, halogen or fluorescent flood lights. Solar powered outdoor flood lights are great in areas that receive a great deal of sunshine during the day, but if the light is located in a shady area, you may opt for another type of electric powered light instead. Although not as energy efficient as solar lights, there are energy efficient outdoor flood lights available that will not keep your electric meter spinning all night long. Motion activated outdoor flood lights are a great security and energy efficient option, since they turn on whenever any motion is detected in the area, stay on for a specified amount of time, and then turn off when not needed.

You can purchase outdoor flood lights at most locations that sell outdoor lighting, as well as home improvement stores and big box stores. You can also find outdoor flood lights online from many lighting or outdoor accessory companies, as well as places like amazon.com and Ebay. Searching for these lights online will help you find the best selection of light styles and will allow you to easily compare outdoor flood light prices before making a purchase.

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