Used Snow Plows – Should You Get One?

Snow plowWhen it comes to snow removal, there are many different ways to get rid of the white stuff, but are snow plows a viable option for homeowners?

The availability of used snow plows makes it a more economical choice to own a snow plow rather than purchasing a new snow plow, but what should you consider before deciding if a used snow plow is worth purchasing for your own personal use?

Traditionally, most homeowners don’t consider owning a snow plow to assist in residential snow removal. They either spend hours and hours using snow shovels or snow pushers to get the snow out of the way, only to wind up with an aching back or worse, or they splurge and buy a snow blower or snow thrower to get the job done with less muscle power.

In some cases, homeowners just hire a professional company to snow plow their driveways or a few neighborhood kids to clear away the snow for them.

But buying used snow plows is another option that can be a cost effective alternative that makes light work of snow removal and can even net you some extra income when the snow starts to fall.

Here are a few things to consider before homeowners should buy used snow plows:

How much snow do you typically receive each season?

If the answer is a lot, then buying used snow plows may be a good idea. Not that much snow? Then it may not be worth the investment.

How much area do you need to plow?

If you have a long driveway that takes a long time to clear using traditional snow removal methods, then a snow plow can do the job quickly. If your driveway is short, it may not be lots of work to remove the snow another way and then may not be worth the extra expense.

What type of vehicle do you own for the snow plow?

Before looking for used snow plows, you need to decide what you will attach it to and that will determine the type and size of the used snow plow to select. If you have a pick up truck, SUV or other type of truck, you can find used snow plows for trucks that are large and heavy duty models and that are good for almost any type of snow removal job. They are also more expensive but will tackle large jobs. If you don’t own a truck, you can find small used snow plows for sale that can be attached to ride-on lawn mowers or garden tractors that will still work well to tackle most residential driveways. Due to their smaller size and the fact that a ride on lawnmower is more easily maneuvered, you can also clear most walkways with a small used snow plow attached in this manner, which is an added bonus for homeowners.

Can you make additional money from owning a snow plow?

Aside from the benefits of making easy work of snow removal at your own home, owning a snow plow can bring you opportunities to make some extra cash when the snow falls. If you can plow a few other driveways in the neighborhood each time it snows, the cost of the used snow plow will be paid back rather quickly.

Where to find used snow plows for sale?

Throughout this article we’ve discussed used snow plows, rather than new snow plows, because they are a much more economical alternative. Since most homeowners don’t need the expense of a brand new snow plow because their snow plowing needs are not as extensive as a professional business, cheap used snow plows become a good snow removal option for some homeowners that own the necessary equipment to attach the snow plow to.

You can search for used snow plows for sale online through places like eBay and craigslist, can look through local classified ads, or can even check the yellow pages for companies that sell snow removal equipment to see if they sell used snow plows.

If searching online, it is best to do a geo-targeted search since snow plows need to be purchased locally and aren’t shipped through the mail. So, for example, your search can look like this, depending on where you live: “used snow plows in MN”, “used snow plows in PA”, “used snow plows CT”, and so on.

What factors should I keep in mind when buying used snow plows?

You want to make sure that the used snow plow you buy is in good condition, will attach properly to the type of vehicle that you own, and will easily tackle the job you need done. Since you will be attaching and removing the snow plow from your vehicle depending on the weather, you should purchase a snow plow model that is easy to attach or remove. It is best to buy used snow plows that are made by companies that offer warranties or that can easily provide replacement parts or instructions if needed. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have the room to store the type of used snow plow you are looking to purchase when not in use.

In conclusion

Used snow plowBuying used snow plows isn’t for everyone, but if you live in an area that receives a good deal of snowfall, have an area that is large and takes a long time to shovel or snowblow, and have a truck, SUV, ride-on mower, or garden tractor that can handle a snow plow attachment, then making the decision to buy a used snow plow may be a good choice and a good investment.

It is even a decision that can net you some extra money during the winter season, which is a definite added bonus. So, before you decide that owning a used snow plow isn’t for you, consider the pros and cons of used snow plows and you may be surprised to find that it is a great snow removal option for you.

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