Uses For Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lights are a classy, creative and most of all, energy-saving means of providing light to dark outdoor areas. Such devices eliminate the need for additional wiring, and there is no worry about constantly replacing batteries. There are so many options using this technology, that a solar lighting model or style can be found for nearly every outdoor lighting need.

Some solar models come with stakes for ground installation. They can be used just about anywhere a person would typically walk near or among landscaping. Patios, gardens, pathways, barbecues and driveways are the most common places for installation and use of these types of outdoor solar lights. They install easily by pounding the accompanying 3 or 4 inch stakes into the ground (although some models come with longer stakes), and then placing a tube that holds the light and solar panel over the stake.

Solar lantern style devices are great for hanging in areas where light is needed higher than ground level. They can be attached to a garden or plant hanger, or a post. A few models come with their own stands or hangers that can be pushed or driven into the ground. These devices are elegant and give a home or garden a traditional feel.

For additional security, some solar light models include motion detectors and are comparable to similar wired security spotlights. These lights provide much more intense light and come on only when they detect motion within a specific range. Solar security lights can be mounted directly to a house, garage or porch, though the solar panel must still be able to receive and store direct sunlight.

There are also solar lighting devices that resemble candles, which will come on and flicker after dark. Other solar lights are used more for mood and ambiance than intense lighting. They may contain colored screens or panels, to give the area a different and more decorative look. Such products work well for parties and night time celebrations.

Solar lights are sold individually or in sets, depending upon the style and the intended use. Products can typically be found at any home improvement store, department stores and even some discount retailers. You can also buy solar lights online. They are relatively inexpensive compared to similar wired devices, ranging from $5 to around $75 for the most complex devices, although you will find some solar light prices that are higher than that.

There are as many uses for outdoor solar lights as there are light styles themselves. So, whether you are looking for a few eco-friendly lights to be situated in the ground among your landscaping or a couple of decorative hanging lanterns, or whether you are interested in some subtle ambient lighting or more robust security lighting, outdoor solar lights can be an energy efficient, economical and attractive outside lighting choice.

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