Using A Wooden Shed For Garden Purposes

A wooden shed is a great place to store and organize tools and supplies, while also blending in well with its exterior surroundings. That is why this is one of the types of garden buildings that is most popular with homeowners who have a passion for gardening. The great thing about a wooden shed is that it already looks the part of a garden shed, since its wooden exterior enhances the garden rather than detracting from it, and it also has great potential to be used as a potting shed. Options to have windows and a skylight in a wooden shed can easily turn a simple storage shed into a garden potting shed, where you can look forward to spending many mornings or afternoons enjoying your gardening hobby.

The wooden structure also means it blends in well with the rest of the flourishing greenery and colorful blooms, making it look like it simply belongs in your backyard or garden. It can lend a natural and rustic look and feel to the garden.

To turn a basic wooden shed into a wooden garden shed, all you need in your shed are lots of shelves and hooks, a working table, as well as some storage bins. An added comfort could be in the form of an outdoor braided rug placed on the shed floor to make it more attractive and easier on your legs if you stand inside a lot, or a small garden bench or stool to sit on while attending to some of your potting tasks.

Another option for garden storage, aside from a wooden shed, is for you to use a garden trellis. A garden trellis has grids on it, and you can use hooks to hang your tools from it. The look is instantly rustic and charming, although the only problem with using this method is that your tools will be left outdoors and will be subjected to constant exposure to the weather. You can, however, attach a garden trellis inside a wooden shed to provide a storage system to add racks to within the shed to hang your tools from. Or you can place the garden trellis outside of the shed and have creepers grow on it to add to the decorative and garden feel to your wooden shed and to make your shed look really quaint.

When it comes to keeping the interior of your wooden shed organized, there are a few options to choose from. Shelves are great for storing all your necessities and since the structure is made from wood, it is easy to attach shelves just about anywhere you need them. You can use glass jars to organize and store all your leftover seeds. Place these packets of seeds into canning jars, label them and arrange them onto your shelves in the shed. They will be all ready when it comes time to plant them. Low deeper shelves can be used to house soil, fertilizer, garden pots and hoses. You can also add bins to house gardening supplies. You can add a garden tool rack on the wall so that your tools are hanging and are easy to find.

When it comes to a garden shed, the exterior of the shed should not be overlooked. Some wooden shed owners use cheery paint to decorate their shed. Others prefer to stain the wood to keep it more natural looking or to keep it completely natural and to just apply a clear sealer to better protect the wood. There are even those who have quaint little curtains for the windows, or that decorate the shed with some planter boxes and shrubs in front of the shed. Adding these small features can turn an ordinary wooden shed into a focal point of your garden.

Wooden sheds make really charming garden sheds. With some clever touches, your shed can be more than just a convenient place to store all of your gardening supplies, and can actually be a very attractive fixture in your garden, adding to your garden decor.

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