Using Bedroom Furniture Designed to Create Storage or Provide Support

If you have children you know how easy it is for their rooms to become a jumbled mess of clutter. One way to help your child get organized is by using furniture pieces that come with built-in storage areas. There are childrens beds with storage drawers built into the base of the frame. These are similar in design to platform beds and can come with the base made as one long drawer or divided into two or three smaller ones. This conveniently placed area is easy for kids to access and can hold a lot of different items including bedding.

Other places you will see designed to hold items on a bed’s frame include the headboard pieces created as bookshelves. These are available in both children’s and adult styles and provide a place to hold magazines, books or decorative figurines. Some of the adult bed frames created with the bookcase headboards will have lamps placed on each side to provide light for reading. This design eliminates the need to have a table lamp on an adjacent nightstand so you can use the nightstand’s surface to hold other items. The adult pieces of bedroom furniture can be found in styles designed as modern or classic.

In addition to the pieces created to help free up space in a bedroom you can also find frames designed to make people with back and joint problems feel more comfortable. The adjustable beds fall into this category because they help support a person in a semi-reclined position or an upright position. The base comes with a mechanism that raises the head and foot section of the inner frame so the mattress gets raised as well. The mechanism is controlled through the use of an attached remote with some deluxe models having a separate control for each side of a queen or king sized bed.

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