Using Garden Netting To Cover Your Trees

Changes in your yard give the indication that spring has arrived. The cover of snow is gone, the lawn is working its way back to green, and the birds have returned. Your hard work from years past is starting to show through on your young fruit trees, and the blossoms are beginning to bloom. And although the change requires your attention, the call to work in the yard is often welcome. As you are beginning your spring cleanup, it is important to start to think about your garden and the necessary ways to prepare.

The birds offer a welcome contrast to the dreary winter, but their arrival also brings a degree of necessary action. They are likely there because your yard has something to offer them. One of the hardest things that gardeners face is keeping birds, pests, and predators out of their crops. The birds are particularly attracted to your berry bushes and fruit trees. One of the best ways to protect your crops from the birds is by covering them with plastic garden netting. This garden netting gently covers the trees and offers a shield of protection from the birds. It is constructed in such a way as to minimize the impact on the plants, and allows for a slightly protection from would be predators to your fruit.

Netting for gardens comes in many different ways, with fruit netting being no different. Not only can you decide on which function of netting you need, but you can often select style as well. The manufacturers of the netting are aware that you are unwilling to sacrifice the beauty of your plants by draping an unsightly covering over them.

Garden netting is not necessarily the end all of bird protection, but it has been an effective tool of gardeners for years. Sometimes the streamers, bells, and chimes are simply not enough to protect your fruit from these overzealous creatures.

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