Using Neem Oil As A Safe Insecticide

More and more of us these days want to take a more organic approach to gardening. It may be an altruistic vision of wanting to help the planet, or merely a way to keep our pets and family a little safer at home. Either way, dealing with pests can be quite problematic and being able to handle them with a natural and organic approach is attractive to many people, no matter what the driving force is behind their decision. One particularly useful natural insecticide to consider using in your gardening efforts is neem oil insecticide.

Neem oil is a completely natural bi-product of the Indian neem tree. The tree is grown widely around the world to provide this useful insecticidal oil. Rather than destroying pests immediately but wearing off quickly, neem oil provides a longer-term method of garden pest control.

How does neem oil insecticide work to prevent pests from eating your plants?

By preventing any insect that has digested neem oil from molting, pests die as immature juveniles and are unable to breed. This reduces the number of future insect generations.

Since only those insects that eat your plants and so consume neem oil are affected, it helps protect the beneficial bugs in your garden.

Using neem oil is an extremely easy, cheap and effective form of garden pest control, but it won’t immediately destroy all insects. You do need to be a little bit patient and wait for those bugs to digest the oil themselves. Of course, if you sprayed the oil directly onto insects it would kill them, but it would kill beneficial insects in this way, too. So it is best to spray either early or late in the day when insects are least active. Also, doing this prevents you from scorching the leaves of your prized plants when the sun hits that liquid and heats it up.

The most economical way to use neem oil as an insecticide is buy purchasing pure neem oil in a gallon or quart bottle. Then dilute it, using four teaspoons of oil to every gallon of water. Add in a spoonful of liquid soap or mild dish-washing detergent and it will work even better. Then, once you have made your neem oil insecticide solution, you can simply spray it on your plants and wait for those pesky little pests to ingest it and die.

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