Using Outdoor Rugs to Create a Cozy Patio

Outdoor rugs and carpets are becoming more and more popular when decorating an outdoor living space. These rugs can be used to add accent colors or tie in decorating themes as well as making your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting. Before you choose a rug or carpet for your porch or patio, there are a few things to consider to make sure you get an appropriate rug for your area. You should take into consideration where the rug will be placed and how much weather it will be exposed to, as well as how much traffic it will be subjected to.

There are many outdoor carpeting styles available that will enhance any decorating theme; just be sure to choose a pattern that will complement your existing furniture and accessories. If your outdoor furniture is neutral in color, you may want to choose a rug that will liven up the décor by providing a splash of color, or a rug with a fun pattern can add interest to an otherwise dull décor.

To get a rug that is just the perfect size for your outdoor area, it is wise to measure the area before shopping. An ideal fit for a rug is about 3 inches smaller in all directions than the area floor; this gives a finished look to the area and allow for easy cleaning around and under the rug.

The type of rug you choose will depend on where the rug will be located. Most rugs that are made specifically for outdoor use are made of durable material and will hold up well to the elements. If the rug is to be used around a swimming pool or hot tub, it must be water resistant; and if it is to be used on an uncovered patio and exposed to rain and sun, it should be moisture, stain and fade resistant. If the rug is to be used on a covered or screened porch, the durability and moisture resistance are not as important and you can spend more time shopping for a rug that enhances your design scheme.

There are many shapes, colors and patterns of outdoor rugs; and choosing just the right one can be a fun project. Think again about the furniture and accessories that the rug will be used with and choose a color or pattern to complement the existing décor. Also, consider using a rug that is different in shape from the standard rectangular or circular rugs; an octagonal or other uniquely shaped rug can give an outdoor space a distinctive style. An outdoor rug can make any outdoor living area feel more cozy and homey and can add an element of style as well.

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