Variations Of Patio Chair Cushions And Their Fabrics

For those who have some type of outdoor patio furniture, they most likely also have some type of patio chair cushions. These seat cushions provide extra padding and comfort while sitting on the often hard surface of patio furniture. Some types of chairs made for outdoor use may be constructed of wood or molded plastic, and these materials can be uncomfortable to sit on, making it somewhat difficult to relax outside. The cushion used on a chair acts as a barrier between the person and the hard surface of the seat and makes the seating comfortable and more relaxing. Some styles of outdoor furniture items come with the patio chair cushion included and others do not.

If you need to purchase a seat cushion for your chair, you will find a few differences in the materials used. You may choose to purchase vinyl patio cushions or ones with a softer fabric cover. The vinyl material is made to be long lasting and also easy to care for. Generally you can clean these items by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth. They do not provide as soft or as comfortable a feel as the cotton types do, however, but they are a good choice for active families due to their easy maintenance requirements. And even if they are left out in the rain, you do not have to worry about them too much.

The cotton or cotton blend fabrics used in cotton patio cushions require more care, but are soft, comfortable and typically more decorative as well. The cotton fabric covers need to be removed from the padding to clean them. You can usually spot clean them as long as they don’t get too dirty, but they will eventually need to be more thoroughly cleaned. You will also have to take your cotton chair cushions in when you are not using them because they are not durable enough to stand up to being outdoors day in and day out.

In addition to the selection of material you choose for your patio cushions, you will also find a wide assortment of colors, patterns and designs to pick from. This allows you to match the particular cushion with the style of furniture you have, as well as your decorating preferences. If you own patio furniture sets, you may even find matching colored or patterned fabrics to go along with your chairs, lounges and settees.

Patio chair cushions are generally held in place by tying the attached string around an open portion in the chair’s frame. Some chair cushions that come along with outdoor furniture sets may have other ways of securing them to the furniture, such as velcro or snaps. Whatever the method, it is a good idea to secure the cushion to the chair so that if you are not around and the wind blows, your chair cushions do not fly away in the wind.

A good outdoor patio cushion will provide comfort and also be visually appealing, adding to the decorative element of the furniture. Quality patio chair cushions will also be made from material that is durable, fade resistant, mildew resistant, and easy to clean. And another benefit to patio cushions is that if you want to change the look of your outdoor furniture, you can simply get a new set of outdoor cushions with a different look, rather than having to replace the entire set of furniture.

Patio cushion fabric choices

With the wide variety of patio furniture options available today, you’d almost be crazy not to have some sort of patio chair or lounger out on your patio space. What kind you choose is completely up to you and your particular lifestyle or entertaining needs. One thing is for certain, though – you’ve got to have a plush patio cushion on the chair to help you enjoy your experience. Without a way of padding your back, bottom and head, you’ll inevitably cut your lounge time down, because it won’t be nearly as comfortable without a cushion. The question is, what type of fabric makes the best choice for your patio furniture cushions and where can you find it?

Let’s assume that you aren’t looking to sew your own patio cushions and are actually looking to buy some new cushions or replacement cushions for your patio furniture. This is the more likely scenario, and the one where you will benefit most from the information being presented in this article. Although you may not believe it, there are actually entire websites and sections in brick and mortar stores that are dedicated to patio cushion fabrics. So, we’ll try to make this discussion a bit more brief, and focus in on one specific type of patio cushion fabric that is worth taking a look at.

We’re going to use a brand name as an example of a great type of patio cushion fabric. The reason for choosing this brand is that it has been around for several decades, has a track record of making quality items, and offers a range of colors and patterns. The brand is Sunbrella™. This company got its start in the marine industry and now makes fabrics for many outdoor applications, including patio awnings and patio furniture cushions.

What makes Sunbrella™ unique is that they’ve pioneered a technology for dying their fabrics that happens during the ‘wet stage’ of production. This yields a fabric that, when dry, greatly minimizes, if not eliminates, the fading caused by ultraviolet light exposure. In other words, your cushions will look good and resist deterioration for years to come. These cushions are also resistant to mildew and are designed to shed water quickly. Combined, these features make a patio cushion made from Sunbrella™ fabric a great investment.

There are of course other types of patio cushion fabric options as well, but when choosing the type of fabric to use for your patio cushions, you should make sure that they have some of the same qualities as the Sunbrella™ fabric described here. By selecting patio cushion fabrics that are fade resistant, water resistant and mildew resistant, you will be able to get many years of use out of your new patio cushions. Otherwise, you will quickly be running back to the store to buy replacement patio cushions rather quickly because the fabric doesn’t hold up well to the outdoor weather. And that won’t be any savings at all in the long run!

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