Varieties of Barbecue Grills

A barbecue grill is an apparatus used for cooking food by applying heat directly from below. There are different varieties of grills, from portable grills to built-in outdoor kitchen grills. These grills also vary in the fuel they use, with most falling into one of two categories: charcoal and gas-fueled. There is a great debate between barbecue grillers over the merits of charcoal or gas for use as the best cooking method.

Barbecuing is a tradition in much of the world. Most competition grillers use charcoal or wood, most frequently in large, traditionally (and sometimes novel) designed steel grills. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a fifty-five gallon oil drum sawed lengthwise on its side to make a lid and grill base, to large, vehicle sized grills made of brick, as well as many other styles. Barbecue grills are also a common household item, though usually in smaller sizes.

Grills have existed in America since more primitive times. Barbacoa, a primitive grilling method, uses a device which was used by the Arawak people to roast their meat on a wooden structure. Sometimes, this word is used for the wooden structure and not the act of grilling, but this word was finally applied to the crater style cooking techniques used in the Southeastern United States, that is used to slow heat hogs. Nowadays, other foods are cooked in a similar fashion, with hot dogs and hamburgers being new trapping.

E.G. Kingsford was the person who invented the modern charcoal briquette. Kingsford was very close to Henry Ford who saw that Ford’s Model T production lines were producing a large amount of wood waste that was just being redundant. E. G. Kingsford suggested to Henry Ford that a charcoal developed facility should be setup next to the meeting lines that should sell charcoal, with the name of Ford. After the death of Kingsford, the company was renamed Kingsford Charcoal Co. in his honor. When most people picture a bag of charcoal, they picture the white and blue bag that contains Kingsford Charcoal.

Thanks to the work of early innovators, grilling is one of America’s great national pastimes. From ball games to picnics to family get-togethers, grilling is an important piece of the fabric that is America. We can use portable charcoal grills to quickly get a party going, or we can use built-in park grills to enjoy one of American’s national parks. However we do it, though, grilling is a tradition that won’t stop anytime soon!

Portable Grills

Portable grills are no doubt a convenient and pleasant way of preparing food when you’re out for a picnic, tailgating or simply out on a camping trip. You’ll notice that when you begin your search for a portable grill, there are actually many different brands, sizes, and styles that you can choose from. The one that you end up choosing should be best for you, as well as your grilling and transporting needs.

If you enjoy cooking with propane rather than charcoal, then there are certain brands which are available for you. There are grills that are cartable from a standing position, and others that can simply be folded up. This means you can travel easily to the table top, which a majority of people think of when they talk about transportable grills. These types of grills can run off of the 16.4 propane tanks, but on the other hand, the foldable type can be converted into a 20 pound tank, too.

If you like to cook with charcoal instead, then there’s a nifty, small grill available which is the standard table top model. This grill is about 2 feet tall and allows you to have 16 square inches of space for grilling. The neat thing is that the legs are able to fold and the lid fastens into place for easy transport as well as storing. In addition, it has a catch pan for the charcoal, and these types of portable grills are also available in propane models.

There are also stainless steel portable grills. There are brands that can top out at 20,000 BTU’S and have dual smoker plates, which make cleaning an easy chore. There are also portable grills that can be mounted, making it easy to attach to your truck.

Remember though, that the weight of grills varies. Portable grills can range in weight from about five to thirty pounds. The models that are made from stainless steel or the larger foldable type, are going to weigh a little more. Keep in mind that not all table top griddles and grills can be mounted, so make sure you check out the features of the grill you have your eye on, if that’s important to you. Portable grill prices will vary as well, based on the size, type of grill, and features offered.

So, if you’re looking for the convenience of being able to take a grill with you when you are away from home, or even to just be able to move a grill around within your own backyard, then you may want to consider buying portable grills instead of, or in addition to, larger and more stationary models.

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