Various Models of a Bronze Shower Caddy

The bronze shower caddy is certainly one of the best picks when a shower caddy is concerned. This provides elegance, convenience, durability, sturdiness, and rust resistant features. In addition to all these, the light weight of the caddy makes it easy to assemble and handle. Let us take a look at some of the models and the approximate rates.

A bronze deluxe 4-tired corner basket caddy is a tension pole caddy that rises up to 9 feet with deep baskets that can hold as many bottles and toiletries that you wish. The adjustable racks enable you to accommodate any size and shape of the bottles. $50.00 would be the estimated cost of this caddy.

There is another design of bronze shower caddy that is a combination of bamboo and bronze. This is a wonderful combination for a corner shower caddy, as bamboo is a highly renewable resource and bronze assures stability to hold the weight of your items. The price of this caddy is $43.00 approximately.

The twigs bronze wire suction shower baskets are single basket caddies that can be fixed anywhere in the bathroom. You may fix as many baskets as you require and make a corner shower caddy by your own ideas by placing them one below the other individually. The other advantage would be to keep increasing the number of baskets as your requirement increases. These baskets are held by strong suction cups and are offered in triangular as well as rectangular shapes with lovely artistic designs that beautify your bathroom. The cost is as less as just $11.00 or a little more and turns out to be one of the most economical ways of decorating your bathroom.

Though the hanging shower caddies are greatly useful, the safety and accommodating feature offered by a corner shower caddy is incomparable. A bronze shower caddy of the required size would certainly bring a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

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