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Using vintage curtains to frame your kitchen windows can add a charming touch to the room. As many have said, they don’t make most things like they used to, and this is true of draperies, too. It isn’t difficult to find vintage draperies, even though the high-end types may be a bit expensive. You can usually find a variety of vintage and retro curtains available at flea markets or antique malls. Spend a leisurely afternoon checking through the many booths, so you know what is available and what the price range is. If you find a design that you really like, get the drapes at that time, unless they’re too high-priced, because, although there are many vintage draperies available, you won’t see many designs twice.

If you’re a patient buyer, you may be able to find some pretty vintage drapes for your kitchen by perusing garage sales or estate sales. If you frequent estate sales, you can even check the drapes that are still on the windows. Everything usually goes in these sales, but the sellers may have forgotten to pull the drapes down as they set up.

Antique auctions are another place to find various types of vintage draperies. The downside to auctions is that your favorite curtains may be part of a group of items being sold as one lot. You can still find bargains, though, even if you end up with more things than you headed out to buy. If the bidding gets high, let a dealer buy the lot and then approach them about the drapes you were fond of. They may be happy to let your vintage curtains go then, rather than taking them back to their stores for resale.

Online stores and eBay are also places you can catch a bargain. There are many varieties of curtains and drapes available online, waiting for you. If you buy on eBay, check the seller’s feedback to make sure that it is at least 90% positive – otherwise you may pay for something and never receive it. It’s also a good idea to make sure they have sold quite a few items, so that you’re not dealing with a new seller.

If you have wide or long windows or sliding doors that you want to cover, and they are different sizes than standard drapes, you can purchase pinch-pleated vintage drapes, in heavy or sheer materials, depending on the look you are aiming for. In a room that’s more formal, a valance that is color-coordinated with the drapes will be very appealing. Since there isn’t a pocket to slip over the rod, you will have to use pre-packaged drapery hooks to hang these curtains with.

You can use vintage fabrics to make your own kitchen curtains, too, if you have even very basic sewing skills. You can use self-stick fasteners or staples if you don’t feel like sewing. These can be hidden in the back of your curtains, so they won’t be seen. If no ready-made vintage drapes strike your fancy, use old tablecloths or fabric to make your own vintage curtains for your kitchen.

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