Voile Curtains

If you want privacy in your room, but still like the sunlight, voile curtains in a semi-sheer fabric should fit the bill. Interior designers use these curtains quite often for three-season rooms, sidelight windows, and French doors. They are also used around cabanas and pools, for an airy, tropical feeling.

You’ll want to measure the windows in your room carefully, with a tape measure and a step ladder. Jot the measurements down, and purchase drapes and rods of the sizes you need, along with any accessories and hardware that you will need to install your curtains.

To install voile drapes on a rod, select those with wider rod pockets, and use a curtain rod made from wood or metal. You can also take a matching scarf and drape it over the ends of the rods, thus forming a top treatment, and adding more elegance.

For voile drapes with tabs, use decorative rods that run through the tabs. Depending on the style that you have selected, the tabs can slide over the rod, or they may fasten with buttons, snaps or Velcro® closures.

To hang voile-type curtains on French doors, thread them onto the rods, using both the top and bottom. This will keep the drapes where you want them, whether the doors are open or closed. They will give you privacy when they are closed. It’s easiest to hang the top curtain rod first, and hang the voile curtains on that. Then you can thread the lower rod through the bottom of the curtains, and mark as you go, to insure that the brackets will be installed in the right place. This will also make sure that your curtains will hang in a smooth manner, with no sagging or gaps.

In a glass-walled three-season room, you can use voile drapes with either tab tops or rod pockets. Either way will work equally well, to help brighten up your three-season room. If you are hanging drapes around a swimming pool area, fasten the panels onto rolling frames or movable dividers, to give you maximum privacy in those areas. If you buy outdoor curtains for pool area use, they will usually have Velcro® tabs, and thus are adjustable for various sized of dividers or frames.

Voile is a cotton fabric that is very lightweight, and it really lends itself to sheer curtains. They can be the sole covering for windows where privacy and blacking out isn’t an issue, or you can use them along with heavier curtains on windows where you sometimes like to let light in. They can be hung from a rod mounted above your window, or on a tension rod that fits inside the frame of the window. If you are using two curtain layers, hang the voile drapes on a narrower, lower rod than your outer curtain. Alternately, you can use double rods.

If you wish to make your own voile drapes, you can install a curtain rod and cut two voile pieces, with the size based on your window measurements. If you use more than one piece of voile for each panel, use French seams to close up raw edges. Hem the top and sides, and fold the top edges over, and stitch along the folds. Insert your rods through the drapes and hang them up again, and check the length to make sure it’s accurate. Then hem the lower edge, and hang your voile curtains in the window for a quiet, elegant look.

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