Water Filter Maintenance

There are many types of water filters found around your home. Some places that they are found at the kitchen sink, running a separate tap for drinking water only and some homes have a water filter for the entire water supply. These systems are called Point of entry systems and filter the water as it enters the home plumbing system.

There are numerous types of water filters available and they can be tucked away in many locations. Some are found under the sinks, in basement corners filtering water entering the water tanks, some are found in washing machines, dishwasher, humidifiers and furnaces. All of these serve a specific purpose to keep our water supply pollutant free, and keep our appliances from getting clogged and safely running.

No matter what type of filter you have or where it is located the one thing in common that they all have is that they all need maintenance either by washing, replacing or other methods of cleaning. When you purchase a filter, check the instruction booklet in order how often and when the filter needs to be checked, cleaned or replaced. Many times those instructions offer only a guideline as each home is slightly different and the filter’s optimum performance depends on the usage placed on it. Things that effect it are how often it is used, the minerals and other pollutants found in the water, the number of people using it and where it is located as other environmental factors may influence it lifespan.

Some water filter pitchers and other appliances have automatic gauges that indicate when the filters need to be changed while others do not and need a visual inspection. It is best to check the guages and the filters once a month in order to determine how often they need to be changed.

By properly inspecting, cleaning and replacing filters you are not only helping maintain the life of the appliance but also insuring the quality of the water that your loved ones are consuming.

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