Water Slides Provide Tons Of Outdoor Fun

There is nothing like a water slide in your backyard to add tons of fun on a hot summer day. Whether you have a pool or not, water slides can provide hours of recreation for the young and young at heart without the need to run to your nearest waterpark. A backyard water slide can be set up within minutes and can keep your kids cool and laughing all day long.

Water slides can be used directly on the lawn or there are water slides that allow you to drop right into the deep end of a pool. Many inground pools are designed with water slides to add to the fun. There are blow up water slides, hard plastic water slides and even metal water slides to choose from (these are typically used in a pool). Most of the really big water slides are inflatable. There is no big secret to how a water slide works. It involves a space that people that can slide down that is covered by water. All you need is some height to begin the slide and a safe place to land at the bottom, along with some water along the way.

From small kids water slides to a huge water slide designed to keep a group of people entertained for hours, backyard water slides can be a greawater slidet addition to your backyard or play space. If you have a pool, you can install a permanent pool water slide along the side of the pool that drops people directly into the water. These can be set up with a permanent water line that sprays water along the top of the slide on a continuous basis when turned on so that the water slide stays cool and lubricated and are one of the best pool toys you can select for your inground or above ground swimming pool.

Even if you don’t have a pool, or especially if you don’t, backyard inflatable water slides can be the neighborhood hangout all summer long. These slides work by inflating them with a small blower that comes with the slide and attaching a hose so that water is continually sprayed down the length of the slide. Setup only takes minutes and is an easy process. Kids can climb up the back of the sturdy blow up water slide and then slide down into a landing area that is inflated so it is safe. Some of the big water slides have an assortment of other bells and whistles on them to add to the fun, like sprayers, curves, and other features.

Water slides can range in price from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Small plastic models for young children are at the lower end of the price range when it comes to water slides. Inflatable models, which can get rather large and elaborate, can range from a few hundred dollars up to around a thousand dollars. If price is an issue, you can even set up homemade water slides rather easily with just a hose and an existing slide from a swing set.
One of the most popular manufacturers of water slides is Banzai. Banzai water slides are inflatable and come in a large variety of designs. The Banzai Falls water slide, for example, is like a water park in your backyard. The model retails for just under $400 and can provide hours and hours of outdoor entertainment for children of all ages. In addition to the Banzai water slide, there are models offered by companies such as Little Tikes, Aviva, Bounceland, and many other companies.

You can find water slides for sale at toy stores, big box stores, pool stores, and many other retailers. There is a wide variety of water slides for sale online and doing a search will provide you with many options, information about different features and water slide prices as well. There are even reviews where people talk about what they consider the best water slides for your money depending on the age of your children and what your budget is.

If you’re planning a party and don’t want to invest in a big water slide, there are water slide rentals available just for that purpose. Similar to the inflatable trampolines and other inflatable items that can be rented for parties, inflatable water slides can be rented for a day of non-stop water fun.

Water slides provide hours of outdoor fun. From the smallest child to the largest, you can find models that will keep kids active, cool and laughing all summer long. There are models to choose from in just about every price range and with a wide variety of designs and options, so you should be able to find one that perfectly fits your water fun needs.

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