Waterbed sheets: getting the perfect one

Waterbed sheets for a particular waterbed can be very hard to find sometimes because of individual quirks while buying and because of the lack of standardisation in water beds. It is easy initially to buy a supply of waterbed sheets from the store that you bought the water bed from. With time models keep changing and it becomes very frustrating to find the right size in waterbed sheets. The size of the waterbed sheets will also depend on whether the waterbed is made of a hard side or of a soft sided normal looking mattress. The hard sided waterbed is placed in a wooden frame while the soft sided sits by itself on a platform.

The mooring of the sheets is a big problem. It is impossible to keep the sheets in place where the finish of the water bed is in some slippery shiny material like sating. One way to keep the sheets in place is to have corner jackets which just hold on to the mattress till you decide to change them. The other option is to have edges with wooden rods which you pull and anchor under the bed. The real job still remains in finding the right sized waterbed sheets. The three common sizes in waterbeds are Queen Size, king size and California king. Once the size is found then the material has to be decided upon.

The materials for waterbed sheets include cotton, flannel, satin and percale.

Percale sheets are made of a 50/50 mixture of cotton and polyester. They are lightweight and long lasting. They are also easy to wash. The waterbed sheets come with or without anchoring poles. There are two pillowcases in the set and a set of four poles. The sheets can be washed in a machine. The colours available are black, burgundy, purple, light blue, dark green, dark blue, light blue and white.

Flannel waterbed sheets are available for hard side waterbeds. These have poles to moor the bed sheets so that they do not move while in use. Two pillow cases are included generally with the waterbed sheets. The colours available in this flannel material are red, black, green, dark blue and cream with a bluish print. The choice of colours available keeps on changing with time.

The other option for waterbed sheets is the satin finish. Satin has been a favourite material made of silk since ancient times and was imported from China. Today it is made in the western world and with synthetic fibres. Satin is available in genuine silk like ancient times, polyester and nylon acetate. The satin used for waterbed sheets has two sides to it. One is the side which stays up and is visible to the viewer; the other is the downside which has a dull finish. The waterbed sheets include one top sheet and one bottom sheet and there are two pillow cases made of satin provided with these glistening sheets. The colours in satin are beautiful and luxurious. They include royal purple, red, white, burgundy, black, champagne, dark blue, bronze and sky blue. So finding waterbed sheets is really no problem.

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